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Character: TehMorganator
watch TehMorganator's character video Homsar Pom Pom
This article is about the character. For the Strong Bad Email, see homsar.



A User on the wiki who always uses this username, as TheMorganator always seems to be taken. He has the 'emo' hair over one eye. He owns

. And that's all you need to know.

Distinctive Characteristics


He has a british accent, as he's from Scotland and for some reason almost EVERYTHING he says is interpreted by some teachers as sarcasm, most of the time when it's not.

TehMorganator and the Laws of Physics

He follows the same laws of physics as everyone else.

Similarity to Homestar Runner characters

Similar to:

What's-Her-Face- Depressed frequently, has common sense. So-And-So- Is smart. Strong Sad- Is depressed, smart, and generally just SIMILAR. Homsar: is crazy. Bubs: Has been involved in the sale or giving of products not as described, Has lots of money.


Walks normally.

Fun Facts

Favourite characters are:

  • Gel-Arshie/Marshie/Nibbles/Mr. Shmallow
  • Homsar
  • Pom Pom


Halloween costume versions. 8-bit version.

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