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"Get ready to rock until your socks fall off!" was the official site for the third episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, Baddest of the Bands.

Date: Saturday, October 25, 2008

Page Title: Strong Bad and Bubstastic Entertainment Present: Baddest of the Bands


[edit] Site Content

[edit] Rock The Bad

Get ready to rock until your socks
fall off at the baddest concert
event of the season. Four bands.
Four stages. One chance to see
today's hottest acts battle to the
death to take home a big cash

So hold onto your hair and get
ready to thrash and burn to some
massive musical stylings, courtesy
of a Wii or PC near you.

Spread the word!

[edit] Meet The Judges

Special guests Limozeen have just been confirmed as judges for the Baddest of the
Bands music festival. Best known for their glam metal anthem Because It's Midnite
(included on Guitar Hero: Rock the Eighties) and the seizure-inducing ballad Brain
Sister, the reigning hair kings are trucking over from their Staten Island home base to
lend their discerning musical ears to the competitors.

[edit] Meet The Bands

[edit] Cool Tapes

Kick the night off right with their
crunchy power pop and its
screechy/preachy vibe. (Any
winnings will be donated to the Bat
Lover's Association of America.)

[edit] Two-O-Duo

The hip-hoppingest duo is
back for a once-in-a-lifetime
reunion performance. If they
can make it through the night
without killing each other.

[edit] Pomstar

Cozy up to a lady friend and feel
the magic of Pom-Pom's piano riffs.
Rumor has it the keyboard legend
is looking for a lead singer to front
his new act...

[edit] DÖI

Fresh from the firey bowels of
Strong Bad's basement
comes a new death metal
band with a sound so
massive, you can't handle
the reverb.

[edit] Taranchula

{a large "CANCELLED" stamp is covering the text}
The nordic gods of metal are
making a special trip to show off
what it sounds like on their side of
the ocean.

[edit] Strong Bad Sings CD!

This rare bootleg has tracks by many Baddest of
the Bands acts, including Strong Bad in his
pre-D.O.I days, a rare solo performance from Cool
Tapes lead singer Marizpan, and hot hits from
Limozeen. Twenty tracks total, just twelve bucks!
That's cheaper than a pizza!

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