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*Put the Total Load in Strong Mad's lunch before framing Pom Pom.
*Put the Total Load in Strong Mad's lunch before framing Pom Pom.
*Each time you ring Marzipan's doorbell, you get a different response and even end up annoying her.
*Each time you ring Marzipan's doorbell, you get a different response and even end up annoying her.
*Each time you erase the results of the race (before winning it), you get a different intro to the race.

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The complete walkthrough to Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People Episode 1: Homestar Ruiner.

Spoiler warning: Plot or ending details follow.


Part 1: Beat The Snot Out of Homestar Runner? Sure!

House of Strong:

After STRONG BAD gets done reading the email, open up the MAP and place the TRACK somewhere on it. Enter the room to the left of the BASEMENT ENTRANCE on the MAIN FLOOR to find a table with the TEEN GIRL SQUAD COMICS MAKER, a FUN MACHINE with SNAKE BOXER V, and a METAL DETECTOR up against the wall. Grab the detector. Go UPSTAIRS and into the COMPUTER ROOM. Click on the LAPPY and check EMAILS. Select the BULK email and watch Strong Bad's answer, where he orders a free sample of TOTAL LOAD. Select TRACK on the map and go there.


Go up to HOMESTAR and talk to him about both the RACE and the PARTY until he starts repeating. Then exit the conversation by clicking the down arrow to the right of the conversation options. MARZIPAN will call him, HOMESTAR will hang up and kick the PHONE away, near COACH Z. He will then storm off into the LOCKER ROOMS. Run over and grab the PHONE, thank talk to COACH Z. Again: talk to him until he starts repeating, then place MARZIPAN'S HOUSE on the map. Go there next.

Marzipan's House:

Run to the back yard and talk to MARZIPAN. Talk to her about HEDGES and she'll tell you her HEDGE CLIPPERS are being fixed by BUBS. Place BUBS CONCESSION STAND on your map and go there next.

Bubs Concession Stand:

Talk to BUBS about the HEDGE CLIPPERS and he will give you the pair. Now star running left until you reach the stand again. That brisk run will put THE STICK, THE PHOTO SHACK, COOL CAR, STRONGBADIA, and THE WHALE on your map. Use the CLIPPERS on the HEDGE in the area, then grab the HEDGE CLIPPINGS from the ground. Go back to the TRACK.


Run to the far right on the track, and use the HEDGE CLIPPERS on the HEDGE. Grab the HEDGE CLIPPINGS. Use the PHONE and call MARZIPAN. She says she'll be right over, giving you the chance to go grab some items at her house. Go there next.

Marzipan's House:

Again go to the back of her house. Go to the ONION PATCH and steal an ONION from it. Then go and admire the totally vegan sculpture of Homestar before you use the HEDGE CLIPPERS on it. After narrowly escaping detection, journey back to the Track.


Go into the LOCKER ROOM and use the ONION on HOMESTAR. He'll belive the fake advice, and use it on himself. Talk to HOMESTAR about SHOWERING and he'll jump right in after he takes off his clothes and stores them in the LOCKER. Select the LOCKERS and open the middle one, then take HOMESTAR'S CLOTHES. Exit the LOCKER ROOM. After the cutscene, put on the HOMESTAR OUTFIT and talk to COACH Z.


While on the log, maintain your balance by rotating the wiimote to the left and right. While you can't fall off, Strong Bad won't really move forward unless it's in the middle. After you're done on the log and Strong Bad picks up the heavy lourde and gets on the pogo stick, keep pressing A to get to the end. After that, just press A when the game prompts you to, which makes you jump over the obstacles. No matter how well you do this segment, you'll never beat Coach Z or Pom Pom's time.

Part 2: Starring H. Runner as The Fugitive!

House of Strong:

Select the TV downstairs and watch that, then place the KOT'S CASTLE on your MAP. Run upstairs and talk to HOMESTAR in both STRONG BAD'S ROOM and THE KITCHEN. Grab the GEL-A-TON from the table, and then go UPSTAIRS and check your EMAILS to find an email that says you can pick up the TOTAL LOAD at BUBS CONCESSION STAND. But first, another errand! To the Track!


Go over to the STANDS and take the COUPONS. Now on to the stand!

Bubs Concession Stand:

Go talk to BUBS and ask him about the TOTAL LOAD. He'll give the bottle to you. Now select COUPONS and select BUBS. He'll give you the CANDY. Head to the KOT'S CASTLE next.

King of Town's Castle:

Use the HEDGE CLIPPERS on the HEDGE. Pick up the HEDGE CLIPPINGS and click on the DOOR to go in. Now this is a sneaking mission, Strong Bad, so the use of stealth will be required. Take the SHOVEL by the wall next to the DRAIN, and then click on the STATUE to hid behind it. Wait until the POOPSMITH is on the lefthand pile of whatsit, then move into the second room to the right. Grab the PLUNGER here. To the right is the RECORDS ROOM where STRONG MAD waits to toss you out. Work your way back to the DRAIN by using the BONSAI TREE, PRIVACY SCREEN, and STATUE to hid from the POOPSMITH. Select the PLUNGER and use it on the DRAIN. Then click on the PLUNGER again to jump up to the VENT. Make your way to the right, then drop down and take the CRIMINAL RECORD. Now that you're out of the castle with your prize, it's time to move on to the next challenge.

Marzipan's House:

Select the SHOVEL and use it on all three of the patches of LOOSE DIRT. While you're at it, go to the side of the house and use the HEDGE CLIPPERS on the HEDGE if you haven't already. If you've done this to all four, you'll get a trophy. Pick up the HEDGE CLIPPINGS. Once you've turned all the LOOSE DIRT into HOLES, place the HEDGE CLIPPINGS on top of each one. Put on the HOMESTAR OUTFIT and ring the doorbell. Afterwards, take the CANDY and place it on her WELCOME MAT. Second challenge complete, so go forward to the Track!


Go toward the log and use the GEL-A-TON on the WATER, turning it into jello. Next, select the BALLOONS and use it on the HEAVY LOURDE. Click the CURDLED MILK and then click the HURDLE to switch the positions of the two. Click on the TURTLE and again click the HURDLE to switch the two, so the order should be HURDLE, TURTLE, CURDLE. Put on the HOMESTAR OUTFIT and click on the CAMERA to start the race.


Same as the last time, but your goal is to get below 22 seconds, which should be easy now that you've managed to clear all the obstacles. After you're victory, you're back at the track, with POM POM and COACH Z having gone back into COACH Z'S OFFICE.


After the race, go into the LOCKER ROOMS. Click on the LOCKERS and open up POM POM'S LOCKER. Select the TOTAL LOAD and then use it on POM POM'S BAG. Close the locker door, and go up to the door to COACH Z'S OFFICE. Click the door, and ask COACH Z about TOTAL LOAD. He'll get riled up and do an inspection on the lockers. After the cutscene is over, you'll now have the TROPHY. Let's finish this up.

House of Strong:

Go to the KITCHEN and use the PHONE on HOMESTAR. Next, go to the basement and use the CRIMINAL RECORD on HOMESTAR. Finally, go up to STRONG BAD'S ROOM and use the TROPHY on HOMESTAR.

Part 3: This Is A No "People I Hate" Party Zone!

Go up to each patron and talk to them awhile for some funtime responses. Try to grab the BANNANA PEEL from under the KING OF TOWN to find out you're being denied by his pizza munching habits. Now go up to the SEE DEE CHANGER, which you can click to change the music. Talking to everyone after each music change is hilarious but optional. Keep changing it until it reaches the conga music, at which point everyone forms a conga line. Go to the table and grab the BANANA PEEL. When they are all on the right side, click on the LOUNGER to pull it out, making everyone turn and start conga-ing towards the window. Select the BANANA PEEL and use it on EVERYONE.

Congratulations, you've just beat SBCG4AP: Homestar Ruiner! Beating the game unlocks EXTENDED PLAY MODE.

Coach Z Trophies

The process to get all four Coach Z trophies is as follows:

  • Exploration Trophy - Do all of the following. Each one is worth 12%:
    • Throw a light switch rave twice
    • Open the fridge once
    • Look at the Videlectrix poster twice
    • Look at Strong Mad's lunchbox once
    • Look at The Stick twice
    • Use the microphone twice after the race
    • Look at one of the piles of whatsit in the castle
    • Talk to the King of Town once while he's in the hole
    • After you do all 8 of those you will get the remaining 4%
  • Hedge Clipping Trophy - Trim all four hedges. Each one is worth 25% They are located at:
    • The Track
    • Near The Stick
    • Marzipan's house
    • The King of Town's castle
  • Nuisance Trophy - Do all of the following. Each one is worth 20%:
    • Kick The Cheat into the dryer, then talk to him while he's in there
    • Talk to Homestar in the locker room 3 times about the race
    • Ring Marzipan's doorbell 4 times while she's there
    • Insult Bubs once
    • Insult Coach Z in his office once, after the race
  • Strong Sad Trophy - Do all of the following. Each one is worth 33%:
    • Insult Bubs twice
    • Throw candy into a hole next to Marzipan's mailbox, when it's not covered
    • Look at the dirt after digging up the Manual Page in the Strong House front yard
    • After you do all 3 of those you will get the remaining 1%

Costume Items

The following are the location of all the costume items in the game. After finding each one it will be moved to the costume selection inside the Snap Shak, with the exception of the last one. If you leave the Snap Shak before taking on your costume, you will automatically take them off to keep you from removing the costumes from the Snap Shak. Although, after you beat the game, you can take them out and walk around with them on as a reward.

  • Burglar Beanie - Inside Strong Bad's mailbox, outside his house.
  • Biz Cas Fri Shirt - Inside the box located by the The Gremlin.
  • Mustache - Wedged inside the leftmost speaker at the track. Using the microphone on the right side of the track will result in the mustache falling out of the speaker and landing on the ground nearby.
  • Chef Hat - After you get Homestar out of your kitchen, he will leave his chef hat on the WavyMic.
  • Champion's Belt - Rank up to Chainsaw Bocce Bowler.
  • Bear Shirt - There are two ways to get the bear shirt, although one of them may be a glitch.
    • Click on the leftmost light and your cursor will become the shirt. Then click on Strong Bad and you will put it on. After you take it off, it will not return to the costume selection. You will have to get it again.
    • Run off the right end of the platform three times. After the third you will be on the under side of the platform. Walk over to the bottom of the entrance and Strong Bad will immediately put it on. After you take it off, it will not return to the costume selection. You will have to get it again.

Manual Pages

There are four Manual Pages of the Snake Boxer V manual to be found. Once you find all four, you get a secret code to play Snake Boxer V as a snake. There are four places that have a page, but each place doesn't have a specific page. You get the four pages in order, no matter what order you search the places. This is to make sure you get the last page last, for it is the page that has the code on it. These are the four places:

  • In the box by Bubs' Concession Stand.
  • Buried in front of the Strong House.
  • Buried in front of the King of Town's Castle.
  • Ask about the manual to Homestar, Marzipan, Coach Z, and Bubs, in that order. Alternatively, you can just talk to Bubs in extended play mode.

After you get all four you will see that the code is up, up, down, up, start.

Teen Girl Squad Cards

There are five secret Teen Girl Squad index cards on which Strong Bad jotted down an idea on how to kill off one of the girls.

  • Megaphone - Buried at The Track.
  • Candy Bar - In a hole next to Marzipan's House. Pour total load down it.
  • Car Keys - Under the hood of the Cool Car (use the shovel).
  • Book - Buried in Strong Badia.
  • Roach - Use the other four ideas properly in a comic.

Easter Eggs

Several times in the game there are Easter eggs that do not get you anything or advance the story in any way. The sole purpose of them is to be humorous. This is a list of them.

  • Put the Total Load in Strong Mad's lunch before framing Pom Pom.
  • Each time you ring Marzipan's doorbell, you get a different response and even end up annoying her.
  • Each time you erase the results of the race (before winning it), you get a different intro to the race.
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