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[edit] Week 52, 2007

"What's the matter, Homestar?"

The Best Decemberween Ever is the Decemberween toon for 2001. It features Homestar Runner trying to figure out what to get Strong Bad for Decemberween. He goes around asking people such as Strong Sad, Coach Z, and Marzipan for advice, but is unable to come up with a good idea. He then goes to Bubs' Concession Stand, where, after rummaging through several less-than-satisfactory items, he finds what he thinks is the perfect gift. The gift turns out to be a Deep Impact DVD, which is what he had gotten Strong Bad for the last three years. Homestar proclaims that this is "the best Decemberween ever". The toon ends with all the characters singing a song about Decemberween. (more...) watch

[edit] Week 51, 2007

"Listen to that moldy oldy in glorious drive-thru stereo."

In what I want, the 163rd Strong Bad email, released on December 11, 2006, Talon Jendro of Des Moines, IA asks Strong Bad what he wants for Decemberween. Strong Bad replies with a few of the things he wants, but says it's more important to establish what he doesn't want for Decemberween. Then he and Marzipan host a shopping channel show demonstrating his idea of terrible Decemberween gifts. Among the items he features are ornaments, a gift which ceases to be useful as soon as it's opened. He also includes Dancin' Musical Nobots, showing one of himself singing Everybody to the Limit. Finally, Strong Bad rags on homemade gifts, suggesting that the fact that one made a gift oneself does not mean "it's not a worthless piece of crap." (more...) watch

[edit] Week 50, 2007

Homestar and Strong Bad as enemies.

Homestar Runner and Strong Bad's relationship has been one of the longest-standing character relationships in the Homestar Runner body of work. They started off as enemies, but both characters have since evolved from the polar-opposite personalities they began with. Homestar has become less heroic and more of a lovable oaf who often tries to be Strong Bad's friend. Strong Bad, meanwhile, now seems to regard Homestar as more of a nuisance than an arch-enemy, and occasionally shows a soft side for the terrific athlete (though he would never openly admit to it). (more...)

[edit] Week 49, 2007

Spliced from Flashback, Pop-up and Monument

The computer room is where Strong Bad answers most of his emails. It contains his current computer, the Lappy 486; a Floppy Disk Container resting on a table; and the stool he sits on. Under the table is a power outlet for his computer, as well as an extra plug for additional electronics. On the far right side of the room, there is a window with an old sycamore tree outside. In pop-up, the ceiling of the computer room is shown to have recessed lighting, a fact which was previously stated in different town. Another custom feature of this room is the special light switch set just the right height for The Cheat. Strangely, the area beneath the light switches has no carpet. Mike Chapman makes fun of this oversight in the DVD commentary for techno, saying, "The Strong house has problems." (more...)

[edit] Week 48, 2007

Thy Dungeonman in the original Thy Dungeonman

Thy Dungeonman is the main character in the game Thy Dungeonman. He first appeared during the Strong Bad Email video games, though his name is never mentioned. However, the box art at the end of the email is indeed titled "Thy Dungeonman", and the former playable version of the game that was linked to the email definitely mentioned that you are Thy Dungeonman. The first Thy Dungeonman game was short and simple compared to its sequels, and did not expand much on Thy Dungeonman's character, personality, or general surroundings, although there it could be grasped that Thy Dungeonman lives in a Medieval or quasi-medieval world where dungeons, flasks, scrolls, daggers, trinkets, enchanted rope, and even Wumpuses occupy the land. Later Thy Dungeonman becomes an acquaintace of Dennis, and even gives him a trinket, though Thy Dungeonman finds Dennis boring. Thy Dungeonman did not know what parapets were until Dennis told him. This knowledge (somehow) allowed Thy Dungeonman to escape thy dungeon. (more...)

[edit] Week 47, 2007

"I can never tell you two apart!"

In Let us give TANKS!, the 2006 Thanksgiving toon, Blue Laser invites the Cheat Commandos over for Thanksgiving dinner. While Gunhaver remains at headquarters and Reynold goes to spend time at his parents' house, the other Cheat Commandos travel over the river and through the woods to the Blue Laser Cottage. The two usually hostile factions set aside their differences and sit down for a friendly Thanksgiving dinner, but just as they begin, Gunhaver suddenly arrives and threatens the situation. (more...) watch

[edit] Week 46, 2007

"But it turned out I didn't die."

The Show is Homestar Runner's supposed game and political talk show. The Show has many similarities to real game shows. The set is modeled after those designed in the 1970s. In particular, the rounded rectangles, chasing lights, and orange shag carpet featured in the background suggest a reference to the Match Game prior to 1979. Homestar's microphone is also similar to Gene Rayburn's mike from the Match Game and Bob Barker's original mike from The Price is Right. The game Pom Pom and The Poopsmith are playing in "the show" bears resemblance to Hollywood Squares, a popular game show originally airing in the late '60s. (more...)

[edit] Week 45, 2007

Matt equals MATT!

Matt Chapman (born November 1, 1976) is the younger of The Brothers Chaps. He and his brother Mike are the principal creators of the Homestar Runner body of work. Matt is the voice actor for almost all of the characters on the site. Matt used to work for Earthlink, but was able to leave this job when merchandise sales at became high enough. He is married to Jackie Chapman, who had a brief cameo in Peasant's Quest Movie Trailer. They currently have one child. He and Jackie owned a cat named Mabel, who has appeared on the website twice, including one appearance memorializing her death in 2007. (more...)

[edit] Week 44, 2007

"I mean, he had some freakin' muscle!"

Homestarloween Party, released in 2000, was the first Halloween toon on In it, Homestar Runner hosts a party which the other main characters attend. They gather around to tell a ghost story together by taking turns telling part of the story. Homestar begins the story with a green goblin, whom Bubs later portrays as having a Gremlin. Other characters appear in the story shortly thereafter, but they are vaporized by a robot Strong Bad narrates into the story. The King of Town can only think of food for his part of the story. Strong Sad gives the story a depressing ending, to the chagrin of the other characters. Viewers can play a game while waiting for the toon to load. (more...) watch

[edit] Week 43, 2007

"Boogidy-boogidy! I'll scare your dad!"

In Malloween Commercial, released on Monday, October 20, 2003, Marshie advertises for Fluffy Puff Malloween marshmallows. According to him, they "taste the same, but look different", as they are "orange and black flavored". Marshie, who is dressed as a vampire for the commercial, behaves in his usual creepy fashion, saying peculiar lines such as "Boogidy-boogidy! I'll scare your dad!" Homestar Runner makes a brief cameo, for which, as he later relates to Strong Bad, he was allowed to keep the "cool eyeball" that he used in the commercial. This toon inspired the game Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up. (more...) watch

[edit] Week 42, 2007

"Creepy pants all the time get some light globes."

Very few of Free Country, USA's residents actually wear pants, as shown in senior prom: when Strong Bad's plan to poof away everybody's pants backfires he realizes that he's "the only one that wears any pants". Most notably, it is an ongoing mystery as to whether or not Homestar Runner wears them. Given the relaxed nature of Free Country's social expectations concerning pants, it is surprising that Homestar and his friends discuss them with great frequency — the subject of pants is an unending source of humor for them. (more...)

[edit] Week 41, 2007, Day 7

A bronco on the trolley

Bronco Trolleys is a game that challenges you to make snacks for Homestar Runner. These curious snacks are concocted from Triscuits, peanut butter, and an orange slice. If you win, Homestar becomes really fat; if you lose, Homestar is a very skinny athlete. A Bronco Trolley is Homestar Runner's favorite after-school snack. It is made by spreading peanut butter on a Triscuit, and topping it with a slice of orange. Help him make as many Bronco Trolleys as possible by clicking on the Triscuit, the peanut butter, and then the orange. Work fast; you've only got 30 seconds. (more...)

[edit] Week 41, 2007, Day 6

Early morning Potate

Potate is the resident brand name of certain potatoes and potato chips in Free Country, USA. In the Old-Timey cartoons Sickly Sam normally wears a Potate bag instead of a shirt. Strong Bad is also occasionally seen wearing one on his hand or his head when he wakes up. It is apparently one of the many foods that The King of Town enjoys eating, as it has been seen stored in his pantry. In retirement, Potate, as well as many other brands of chippety-chomps (including Chippies! and "Flavored Triangles") are seemingly Strong Bad's anti-depressant medication. He gets the chips at Bubs' Concession Stand with a prescription. (more...)

[edit] Week 41, 2007, Day 5

"Hey, Homestar, would you like 147 glasses of melonade?"

Melonade is a preferred drink of Homestar Runner. It first appeared in "A Jumping Jack Contest", where The Cheat offered Homestar 147 glasses of it, and got refills from Strong Mad's melonade pump. Homestar Runner usually eats about 147 Fluffy Puff Marshmallows before drinking a tall glass of melonade. Melonade derives its name from the similarly formulated drink, lemonade, which is made from lemons rather than melons. In addition, the words "melon" and "lemon" are anagrams. During melonade shortages, it can sell for as much as $2 per gallon. (more...)

[edit] Week 41, 2007, Day 4

"Only liars and thieves eat Grumblecakes, and those people go to prison. Just ask The Cheat."

Grumblecakes are "like a little cake with some, like, steam and sugar". Only liars and thieves eat them, and, according to The Cheat, those people go to prison. They nevertheless seem pretty popular, at least with Homestar and Strong Bad. First appearing in the email stupid stuff, when Strong Bad made a bet that if he could get Homestar to say something smart, Kevin Grumbles would have to make him some of his famous grumblecakes. Unfortunately for the masked genius, the nefarious Kevin Grumbles had also signed a deal with Homestar, thereby tricking Strong Bad out of the cakes and making him look stupid as well.Conversely, The Cheatcakes are a popular brand of confectionery made by The Cheat, yet for some reason Strong Bad does not seem to like them as much.Strong Bad later recorded a #1 future jam solo about Grumblecakes in the email time capsule. It is left in The Time Capsule. (more...)

[edit] Week 41, 2007, Day 3

"This thing's like... the never-ending soda."

Homestar Runner regularly possesses and presumably consumes Mountain Dew, a carbonated beverage notoriously known (in the U.S. versions at least) for its high caffeine content. Although this real-world soda is distributed in several flavors and volumes, its appearance in the Homestar Runner universe is limited to citrus flavor and two-liter bottles. It is also interesting to note that while Mountain Dew is bright yellow in real life, it is always green in the Homestar Runner cartoons. It should also be noticed that it always has the old logo, not the new, edgier one. (more...)

[edit] Week 41, 2007, Day 2

"I think I'm gonna puke my pants!"

Using ingredients both edible and inedible, characters in the Homestar Runner universe create culinary concoctions— mixtures of foods not usually found together. Results range from the delightful to the disgusting. Completed concoctions are then usually consumed by said characters. Often, the concoctions use foods that are running gags in themselves, such as chocolate. Some also include inedible items, such as light bulbs or lumps of coal. (more...)

[edit] Week 41, 2007, Day 1

"...bread is a good time for everybody."

Bread, in its many varieties, seems to be a highly popular commodity in Free Country, USA and is a favorite of Homestar Runner in particular. Some of Homestar's involvement with bread occurs in particularly unusual contexts, notably his decision to hold "Bread Sing-Alongs". Also unusual are some similes he has made involving bread, such as his statement that he and Pom Pom are like "two breads and a biscuit" and that he felt "as fresh as a bagel". At Flashforward Seattle 2006, Mike Chapman demonstrated drawing in Flash by spending 10 minutes drawing a piece of toast. (more...)

[edit] Week 40, 2007

Kid Speedy

Kid Speedy is a game in which you play the character Kid Speedy, trying to win a race (or, at least, not come in last). The game was originally only mentioned in the Videlectrix game catalog; it was made available for play on July 10, 2006. To qualify for the next race, you must finish the four-man race third place or above. By collecting vegetables and happy faces, you make your character go faster. Collecting junk food or swears causes your character to lose all speed. The game consists of two modes: 1 Player and "Online Play". However, all of the runners, in both modes, are computer controlled. The loading online players screen is just for show. (more...) play

[edit] Week 39, 2007

Kick that The Cheat!

Despite the fact Homestar Runner was the first to do so in the Original Book, kicking The Cheat has become a hobby of Strong Bad's. This phenomenon originated in little animal, where the senders asked Strong Bad what he would do if a little animal came up to him. Strong Bad then proceeded to kick The Cheat. In caper, Strong Bad makes light of his habit of kicking The Cheat, who doesn't seem to appreciate his joking. However, Strong Bad admits in do over that he regrets kicking The Cheat in little animal. This act of cruelty toward the little guy eventually found itself as a plush toy and game. (more...)

[edit] Week 38, 2007

Teeg Dougland in the flesh! (In the sock cap!)

Michael Chapman (born September 20, 1973) is the older of The Brothers Chaps. He and his brother Matt are the co-creators of the Homestar Runner body of work. He is also husband to Missy Palmer (the voice of Marzipan; married February 28, 2004) and father to the Very, Very Little Girl. He provides intentionally poor imitations of Matt's character voices in the Powered by The Cheat cartoons. He is also the voice of Pom Pom (or rather, his milk is), Mr. Bland, Shark-Tooth Bubs, the Blue Laser Babies, The Knight and Teeg Dougland (and looks remarkably similar to Teeg) from Limozeen: "but they're in space!" (more...)

[edit] Week 37, 2007

"Oh crap! I forgot to buy everyone Decemberween presents!"

When Homestar Runner sleeps or is just waking up, he can be seen wearing his pajama outfit. That includes a white robe with two pockets, a cloth belt, pink bunny shaped slippers, a hat, a different T-shirt every time, and "stubble." The first time Homestar's pajamas were seen was when Strong Bad and The Cheat tried to pull off their Jumble caper. Homestar later walked in dressed in the same attire and drinking coffee, at which time Strong Bad questioned him about his five o'clock shadow. Homestar revealed that it is actually cinnamon, not a beard. In Homestar Presents: Presents, we actually got to see Homestar sleeping in his pajamas and waking up to the noise of his alarm clock. This scene revealed that he doesn't actually sleep with his robe, but that he does with his slippers. (more...)

[edit] Week 36, 2007

"What's the big idea workin' on Labor's Day?"

Labor Dabor is a Puppet Stuff feature released on Labor Day, September 6, 2004. The Cheat is making animations on his computer when Colonel Homestar Runner and Third-Style Private Frank Bennedetto of the Homestarmy arrive to stop him. The Colonel explains that they are making sure that nobody or their brother does any work on "Labor's Day", and to this end, he encourages The Cheat to repeat the mantra "Todaybor Day is Labor Day!" Unfortunately, Bennedetto experiences some sudden health problems, causing panic. (more...) watch

[edit] Week 35, 2007

"What is it, like, mid-May or something?"

In the toon Weclome Back, released on Monday, July 3, 2006, various characters talk about their activities during summer vacation. While the members of Cool Tapes toured the Midwest, Bubs attempted to sell baloney sandwiches at the beach. Strong Sad and The King of Town attended rival camps, while Strong Bad allegedly checked an email while skydiving. Homestar Runner, however, simply managed to sleep through most of the summer. This toon was created shortly after, and refers to, a real-life vacation taken by the Brothers Chaps in May and June of 2006 in which no cartoons were added to the website for 48 days. (more...) watch

[edit] Week 34, 2007

Mel the Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom is a non-Homestar Runner related site designed by The Brothers Chaps in 2001 for a chain of pizza restaurants headquartered in Georgia. The layout, navigation, and sound effects are all similar to those on, and the voices of the brothers and Missy Palmer are very distinctive. Among the site's features are games, downloads, character pages, a store, and a single toon, titled "The Sun Almost Rises". (more...)

[edit] Week 33, 2007

"Save the last email for Strong Bad..."

In alternate universe, the 150th Strong Bad Email, Jody from Texas has some questions for Strong Bad. One of them refers to an alternate universe portal. With help from The Cheat, Strong Bad visits alternate realities, meeting many of his doppelgängers on the way. Meanwhile, Homestar tries to make a "real fruit smoothie". Preceded by Sbemail 150?!?, this sesquicentenn-email was released on April 4, 2006. With a running time of nearly six minutes, this was the longest email when released, almost a full minute longer than flashback (previously the longest). However, it has since been surpassed by retirement. "Alternate Universe" is notable for a rare occasion of Strong Bad being nice to Strong Sad. (more...) watch

[edit] Week 32, 2007

"You better have saved the receipt!"

Nintendo is one of the biggest video game companies today, known for its influence and impact on the video game industry. The Brothers Chaps have praised Nintendo in many interviews and have made many Nintendo references in the Homestar Runner body of work. The probable reason for the prevalence of Nintendo allusions throughout Matt and Mike's work is the central part the Nintendo Entertainment System played in their upbringing (see The Boston Globe interview). Along with cartoons and breakfast cereal, the NES was an important part of their Saturday mornings as children. As one of their motivations in creating Homestar Runner has been to recreate this lost cultural experience (see the All Things Considered interview), it is not surprising that they have infused their work liberally with references to Nintendo. (more...)

[edit] Week 31, 2007

The venue

At the Georgia Tech talk of April 26, 2007, The Brothers Chaps gave a speech and demonstration at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The event was scheduled to include Q&A, background info, a Flash demo and more. It took place in the library of the Georgia Tech campus, in the multimedia studio that houses all of their high end multimedia software and equipment. The studio is currently decked out as "Mario-land" and discussions have taken place regarding the possibility of doing a Homestar Runner theme for the summer months. Alison Valk and Joel Linderman organized the event. Due to various programs on campus and the high interest of many of the students there in Flash animation, Alison and Joel felt The Brothers Chaps would be ideal speakers. Alison focused on the idea of collaborating with her management to bring in some "nontraditional speakers" to the library, such as "the guys from Homestar Runner."

[edit] Week 30, 2007

"No probalo!"

Senor Cardgage first appeared in the Strong Bad Email kind of cool, in which Strong Bad is asked what he would be like if he was not stylish and buff. He describes "Creepy Comb-Over Story Strong Bad" who is just like Senor Cardgage. Both are, at least to Strong Bad, "so cool, you don't even know [that they are] cool". Senor Cardgage is apparently the creepy guy that lived down the street from The Brothers Strong when they were little, whose extreme sketchiness gave Strong Sad nightmares. He now runs his own mortgage business as well as a used car dealership, in addition to having a job as an usher. He has also gotten fourteen degrees in the CGNU Online E-niversity during his lunch "take", including one that lets him "legally prescribe marriages in the state of Kansattica". His name is pronounced "Seh-nor", not "Seh-nyor", because his name is spelled with an "N" rather than an "Ñ". He is apparently ambidextrous. (more...)

[edit] Week 29, 2007, Day 7

"Oh, I'm on a roll!"

In spring cleaning, the 20th Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad does some "spring cleaning" with the emails he receives. He checks five different emails, all of which are swiftly deleted with a flashing screen and a buzzing noise. One of the emails asks how Strong Bad types with boxing gloves on, the first appearance of this oft-asked question. His reaction to another email's overuse of the word "crap" is also the first sign of his displeasure with Crapfully Yours-style signatures. (more...)

[edit] Week 29, 2007, Day 6

The infamous tape-leg

In tape-leg, the 19th Strong Bad Email, Nicolas asks Strong Bad if his legs are made of tape. Strong Bad is perplexed with this question, and he strongly denies being a "tape-leg". But after seeing a small piece of tape stuck to his shoe, he sees where a misunderstanding could have arisen. This email is considered by some to be one of the worst Strong Bad Emails, and it is often referenced by The Brothers Chaps as a result. In the next email, spring cleaning, Sue even says the "last email was pathetic", though it is unclear which email she is referring to. (more...)

[edit] Week 29, 2007, Day 5

The first appearance of the totally awesome Limozeen

In band names, the 16th Strong Bad Email, Dan asks Strong Bad for help with naming his band. Strong Bad suggests using a really cool last name, referencing several real world bands in the process. He also suggests misspelling a really cool word. He gives examples of such names, each with its logo drawn on an index card and accompanied by music. Two of the names he suggests, Limozeen and Taranchula, have become actual bands in the Homestar Runner universe. However, the music used to represent Limozeen sounds nothing like the band today; Bigg Nife sounds much more like the present-day Limozeen. (more...)

[edit] Week 29, 2007, Day 4

"Aaah, my kingdom continues to flourish."

In i rule, the 11th Strong Bad Email, Mike from the United Kingdom wonders why Strong Bad doesn't rule the world, or at least some kind of field. Strong Bad replies by showing him Strong Badia, "that field out behind the dumpsters" which he claims to have owned since diaper school. It is home to a stop sign, a cinder block, and a tire, which Strong Bad tells The Cheat not to touch. In date, we see that Strong Bad has installed "security counter-measures" to prevent this from happening. (more...)

[edit] Week 29, 2007, Day 3

"...can I just call you fhqwhgads?"

In i love you, the 9th Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad receives an email with the simple message "i love u", signed "fhqwhgadshgnsdhjsdbkhsdabkfabkveybvf". Strong Bad shortens this name to "fhqwhgads", and says that in the time it took to say the name, he could have painted a picture of a guy with a big knife, which he ends up doing. Strong Bad later writes a song about fhqwhgads, Everybody to the Limit, which The Cheat makes a music video for. The Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife also makes later appearances. (more...)

[edit] Week 29, 2007, Day 2

"Uhdyeah, what ees it, Strong Baaaaayaad?"

In homsar, the second Strong Bad Email, Vinnie C. wonders why Strong Bad doesn't kill "Homsar" if he hates him so much, presumably misspelling the name of Homestar. Strong Bad then goes to The Field and finds Homsar, on whom he proceeds to drop a Heavy Lourde. Homsar was originally intended to be a one-time character, but The Brothers Chaps decided to bring him back in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 5.0, where he thanks Marzipan for sending him flowers while he was hospitalized. Homsar has since become a main character. (more...)

[edit] Week 29, 2007, Day 1

The beginning of an era.

some kinda robot, released in 2001, is the first ever Strong Bad Email to appear on the site. Abdi LaRue from San Diego, California, asks Strong Bad if he takes off his mask and boxing gloves before going to bed. Strong Bad replies by asking Abdi if he takes off his face and hands before going to bed, and then conjectures that Abdi must be "some kinda robot". Because of its status as the first email, it is often referenced in later toons, such as in flashback, when the email briefly appears on the Compy 386, and in pom pom, when Abdi's name appears on a playing card. (more...)

[edit] Week 28, 2007

Poster for Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective

Dangeresque is a trilogy of amateur movies made by Strong Bad. It originates in the email "stunt double", where Strong Bad was asked if he did all his own stunts. He says he does, and shows his new film Dangeresque II: This Time, It's Not Dangeresque 1 as proof. The Dangeresque films are shot with The Cheat's video camera, then very sloppily edited together. Strong Bad plays Dangeresque, a wisecracking action hero who fights both "the law and the crime" with the help of Renaldo, played by Coach Z. The other main characters play small parts in the films, and Strong Sad is not-so-subtly edited in as a stunt double for any character that might get hit in the head or take a painful fall, despite Strong Bad's claims that he does all the stunts himself. Dangeresque's method of crime fighting is patent nonsense, but the timely delivery of catch phrases like "Looks like I'm gonna have to jump!" always makes the ladies smile. Dangeresque II also has a prequel, Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too?, and an unmade sequel, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective. (more...)

[edit] Week 27, 2007

"That's not what the holiday's called..."

Happy Fireworks is a holiday toon that was released on the Fourth of July of 2005. The entirety of the toon takes place at night in The Field, where Coach Z and Bubs are sitting in lawn chairs, waiting for a fireworks show to start. Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat are in charge of the show, but after seeing Strong Mad's homemade fireworks, they decide to go "straight to plan G." The toon debuts Cardboard Marzipan, a cardboard cut-out of Marzipan which Homestar Runner controls. It was in fact created while the voice of Marzipan, Missy Palmer, was out of town producing Craig Zobel's movie. Cardboard Marzipan would later make a reappearance in No Hands On Deck!. (more...) watch

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