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The game's portal
Inside the game

The Videlectrix Halfathlon is a game by Videlectrix. In the fifth Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People episode, 8-Bit is Enough, Strong Bad can go into the game via the Videlectrix Mainframe. Strong Bad says it features "the finest top-tier Soviet athletes that Videlectrix could afford to license", and describes it as "half-athed, all right."

The box art features the Videlectrix Mascot and claims it features Semi-Legendary Soviet Semi-Athlete Putchnya Shotski. The game's portal is the same as its box art.

In 8-Bit is Enough, Halfathalon takes the form of the race track from Homestar Ruiner, complete with a lava pool replacing the regular pool, a dirt track with scorpions (resembling those from Pitfall!), a small ice floe with three penguins, a checkpoint at the beginning, and a trophy at the end. By the track are Coach Z, who is being attacked by scorpions, and Strong Mad, who thinks he is the shot put star Putchnya Shotski.

According to Coach Z, to win the Halfathlon, the player has to activate the first checkpoint, use the vine to swing over the lava pit, navigate the chicane through the angry scorpions (which will attack you if you're carrying scorpion food), get through the arctic blasts and killer penguins, and pick up the trophy. Then return to the checkpoint with the trophy, and you win. If Strong Bad is attacked by the scorpions, he will respawn at the checkpoint.

A Toppleganger figurine can be found here by using Gel-arshie on the lava pool, and the game's box art can be found in a crate near the pile of crates (the same crate in which the Light Musket is found, after it regenerates). Strong Mad can join Strong Bad's party here (and can be used to throw the checkpoint). This area also contains the scorpion food needed to lure Munchox the Devourer to Strong Sad.

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