Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey

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"Rock and roll, baby!"
Those Flying Vees are everywhere, man!

Limozeen's Hot Babelien Odyssey is a mini-game by Videlectrix from Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People's Baddest of the Bands.

The game consists of using your ship's "tractor beam" to pick up alien women stranded on a planet's surface while dodging and shooting Gibson Flying V model guitar-shaped mines and Nebulon. It was first seen in Everything Else, Volume 3 as the background of the Bonus menu, and as a game played by Mary Palaroncini in the bonus short The Limozeen Advantage.

A score of 45000 is required for your awesomeness rank.


[edit] Controls

[edit] Wii Controls

Hold The Wii Remote Sideways

Up/Down on D-Pad: Moves Ship
Right on D-Pad: Fire
1: Smart Bomb
2: Tractor Beam
+: Start the Game
-: Quit the Game

[edit] PC Controls

Up/Down Arrows: Moves Ship
Right Arrow: Fire
Left Arrow: Bomb
Ctrl: Tractor Beam
S: Start the Game
Q: Quit the Game

[edit] Manual Pages

A video game for the Videlectrix
Fun Machine


Hot Babelien Odyssey

Hot Babelien Odyssey




Hot Babelien Odyssey





Hot Babelien Odyssey

Keep on Rockin'
Shari Deulitt-

[edit] Scores

  • Rescuing a Babelien: 100 points times the level number, +1 to Babelien count
  • Shooting Nebulon: 10 points times the level number
  • Shooting Mitch Overlord: 50 points times the level number
  • Nebulon stealing a Babelien: -50 points, -1 to Babelien count
  • Shooting a Babelien: 0 points
  • Missiles and Flying Vees: 0 points

[edit] Tactics

With the minimum score attainable, simply by rescuing enough Babeliens to pass the level and not shooting anything else, the score of 45,000 points will be reached before the end of level seven. Since shooting things scores extra points, it is more probable that the score will be attainable much sooner. Thus one way to win is to simply rescue everything and shoot everything for seven levels. Keep the ship low on the screen unless forced to move up, as using the tractor beam will immobilize the ship for as long as it takes a Babelien to reach it — keeping it low will reduce this time, and also places you in a position to shoot Nebulons as they attempt to grab Babeliens. By the same token, avoid tractoring Babeliens while near the top of the screen — wait until you can move down again.

Nebulons enter the screen from the right at various heights, and travel towards your ship until they pass over an unclaimed Babelien, at which point, they will descend vertically, grab the Babelien, and rise off the screen. If they reach your ship before passing over a Babelien, they will reverse course back to the right, and return again. This behavior has two side-effects: firstly, it's possible for a Nebulon to grab a Babelien so close to your ship that he will collide with you (this is fatal to you, but not the Nebulon); secondly, any Babelien already targetted by a Nebulon will not attract other Nebulons, but shooting the one that's about to capture her will cause another Nebulon to fixate on her, allowing another shot in the same position to kill that one too. Mitch Overlord's ship moves up and down the right side of the screen, shooting missiles — defeat it by pre-empting its position when it moves. For example, shooting slightly above it when it moves up will cause it to collide with your shot.

Shooting a Babelien held by a Nebulon does not cause any penalty, but does prevent any loss of points when the Nebulon leaves the screen. Thus even if you don't manage to shoot the Nebulon, it can still be advantageous to shoot the Babelien in order to avoid some loss of points. Your ship is given two bombs per life, so it is best to use them only when about to die. Mostly this will be because you cannot avoid hitting a Flying V, you are about to be shot by Mitch Overlord, or you are about to collide with a Nebulon. Judicious timing of bombs can greatly assist in reaching the higher levels.

Since the score for rescuing a Babelien is dependent on the level, but losing a Babelien to a Nebulon is not, it is actually smart to let Nebulons steal Babeliens, and then just pick up more with the tractor beam. It is possible to stay on level 2 almost indefinitely by letting Nebulons steal as many Babeliens as you pick up, trying to keep the Babelien count at 3-4/6. For every Babelien stolen and then pickup again you get 200-50=150 points. Since there is nothing shooting at you on level 2, the only thing to watch out for are Flying Vees and Nebulons stealing Babeliens too close to the ship. Don't let Nebulons pick up Babeliens too close to the ship, be very careful if Babelien count reaches 5/6 so it doesn't level up, and don't keep more than one Nebulon hovering back and forth, and an awesome score of 45000 will eventually be reached.

[edit] Fun Facts

  • The game play strongly resembles Defender.
  • The binary code in the manual translates to the following: gmònéFîVhk+zWtWQÖò. It is just nonsensical gibberish.

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