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Here is a gallery of items seen and/or used by the characters. Some are used frequently while others are seldom seen.


[edit] Clothing

[edit] Computers

[edit] Strong Bad's Computers

The computers Strong Bad has used for his emails, and some more obscure ones.

[edit] The Cheat's Computers

The Cheat uses "new computers", according to Strong Bad. He mainly uses iMacs, typically choosing a computer much more up-to-date than Strong Bad's.

[edit] Strong Bad's Kitchen Appliances

The "computers" Strong Bad used during the time between videography and sbemail 206 which he used to "check emails".

[edit] Other Computers

[edit] Food/Drinks

[edit] Fluffy Puff

[edit] Other Foods

See also Minor Foods
See also The King of Town's Food

[edit] Instruments

[edit] Toys

[edit] Media

[edit] Books

[edit] Magazines

[edit] Music Players

[edit] Other Electronics

[edit] Power Tools

[edit] Products

[edit] Weapons

[edit] Misc.

See also Hanging Objects

[edit] See also

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