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The Featured Articles project is no longer active. These Featured Article drafts are preserved here as an archive of that project. Please do not edit this page.

This page contained drafts for potential featured articles.


[edit] 1 step ahead

"Somebody get my hands off my butt!"

In 1 step ahead, the 28th Strong Bad Email, Alex from Medford, NJ asks Strong Bad to glue Strong Sad's hands to his own face. In a Choose Your Own Adventure twist, the e-mail has three endings: "YES", "MAYBE", and "TAKE IT IN A BIT OF A DIFFERENT DIRECTION". This is also the first email in which Bubs appears, and including its alternate endings (the "YES and "MAYBE" endings were not automatically added), is the first one to be over two minutes in length. watch (more...)

[edit] 2 emails

"Where could the ladies be?"

In 2 emails, the 71st Strong Bad Email, Jimmy tells Strong Bad that he should do at least two e-mails each week, so everyone can have "double the Strong Bad and double the fun". Strong Bad agrees to do two e-mails just this week. His second e-mail has Dave Nienaber ask him when he would time-travel if he could do so. He states that he would travel to the 2003 Ladies' Choice Awards, where many ladies will show up. But since he doesn't have a time machine, he just waits it out. Cut to a fast-forward in which Strong Bad and Homestar Runner do several things on the Compy 386, including a third e-mail. Finally, at the Ladies' Choice Awards, where Coach Z, Bubs, Strong Mad, and Strong Sad are also waiting, no ladies have come. Embarrassed, Strong Bad decides he should've gone back in time, so he tries to wait it out backwards. An Easter egg also contains an advertisement by Old-Timey Strong Bad. watch (more...)

[edit] 2 years

"I don't like food anymore!"

In 2 years, the 85th Strong Bad Email, E. Fullmer tells Strong Bad that he will be unable to watch Homestar Runner for two years (due to becoming a missionary) and asks him what will happen to Strong Badia during that time. Strong Bad make several predictions; interestingly, none of them came true by two years after the toon was released, and they still haven't come true to this day. The toon ends with The Cheat trapped in the Brothers Strongs' dryer and Strong Sad trapped in The Cheat's home, The King of Town's grill. Homestar Runner is also shown to have his own poorly-formatted website. watch (more...)

[edit] 3 Wishes

"So majestic, yet so wicked awesome."

In 3 Wishes, the 27th Strong Bad Email, Brandon Hofer from Judson College, Elgin, Illinois (which Strong Bad remarks as his life story) asks Strong Bad what his second wish would be if he had three wishes. He says that it would be a pair of horns (he draws a picture of himself with horns); he states that this would make him the mascot of a heavy metal band. After criticising several Crapfully Yours-style signatures, Strong Bad notices that the horns in his picture look like croissants the way he drew them; he then states that the third wish would be some croissants. This is one only four Strong Bad Emails to have a capital letter in its title. Also, for some reason, this e-mail failed to work in a version of Flash Player that was released nearly eight years after it was. watch (more...)

[edit] 12:00

"Duct-taped an alarm clock to the VCR... See, I never would have thought of that!"

In 12:00, the 30th Strong Bad Email, Cory Dewey-Smith asks Strong Bad how to fix his VCR, which keeps blinking 12:00. Having had the same problem, Strong Bad has called Bubs to get the job done; Strong Bad goes to the garage to check on his progress. Bubs has duct-taped an alarm clock to the VCR; he previously attempted this on The Cheat, as evidenced by hairs that have been left there. In an Easter egg, the viewer can click on the Eject button to view several videos; each one's label appears to be colour-coded for each of the Brothers Strong. This is also the only Strong Bad Email to date that does not have any letters in its name. Also, discounting his optional appearance in 1 step ahead, it is the first email in which Bubs appears. watch (more...)

[edit] action figure

Smells like peanut action!

In action figure, the 42nd Strong Bad Email, Kyle Rechsteiner asks Strong Bad about an action figure version of himself. Strong Bad states that his action figure would include, but is not limited to: Chinese throwing croissants, Double Deuce action, and glow-in-the-dark abdominal muscles. Strong Bad, however, had previously tried to make the action figure himself, but could only make a peanut version. An Easter egg contains, as well as the action figure version of Strong Bad, action figure versions of Coach Z, Strong Mad, Pom Pom, Strong Sad, and Homestar Runner. These action figures, as well as the theme accompanying them (which Strong Bad also sings as his e-mail song in this e-mail), later became the basis for Cheat Commandos. watch (more...)

[edit] animal

"Finally, a computer for your lap!"

animal, the 119th Strong Bad Email, starts off with an empty computer desk (due to the Compy 386's death in the previous e-mail, then Strong Bad comes in and starts up his new computer, the Lappy 486. After describing the Lappy's well-outdated specifications, Strong Bad checks his e-mail on the Lappy for the first time. The first e-mail on his new computer, from Spud Jr, asks him what he would "like as if" he was his own made-up animal. He goes through several made-up animals: the "Monstrosity", a Powered by The Cheat-style "deep-sea fanglyfish", Da Huuuuuudge, "the red-steckled elbermung", and "El Pardack", before finally settling on Sterrance, which he decides to want as a pet, finding it "way cuter than that... washed-up The Cheat [he] used to have". The Cheat gets angry with this, and Strong Bad then tells the Lappy not to worry and criticises The Cheat's use of newer computers. The Paper then dawdles in coming down; Strong Bad suggests that it's because of the Lappy. The Paper ends up "saying" "Enough already, Strong Bad". watch (more...)

[edit] anything

"This thing's, like, the neverending soda."

In anything, the 78th Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad has taken the week off, so Homestar Runner fills in. The e-mail intended for Strong Bad, from Dan, asks him if he has ever made anything out of anything. Homestar, pretending that the e-mail is for him (he even gets angry with Dan for "calling" him Strong Bad), says that among the things he has made out of other stuff are: a present for Marzipan out of old CD's, a breakfast out of cold pizza and half and half, a set of coasters out of old Sega tapes, and a pair of shoes out of a pair of shoe boxes. But this time, he proceeds to make "a wet computer out of Strong Bad's computer". He pours Mountain Dew over the Compy, and due to how much has been poured, calls it "the never-ending soda". He then proceeds to pour it over the Compy for as long as the viewer leaves the toon open. To date, this is the only e-mail in which Strong Bad does not appear. Also, in email thunder, the 200th e-mail, Strong Bad pours Mountain Dew over Homestar's own computer for "stealing [his] thunder" with his own e-mail show, even quoting Homestar's "apply liberally" quote from this e-mail complete with his accent. watch (more...)

[edit] April Fools' 2006

They call him Flipper.

On April Fools' Day 2006, The Brothers Chaps flipped upside-down. Some toons also suffered other problems, most notably Main Page 18, which lost several of its sound effects once the site returned to normal. Though the prank is no longer directly available through the site, it can be accessed by adding /theyCallHimFlipper.swf?contentURL= before the name of the desired Flash file; it even works on toons that were released after the prank. view an example of a flipped page (more...)

[edit] army

"Don't you die on me, Bennedetto!"

In army, the 93rd Strong Bad Email, Hank Toler asks Strong Bad if Strong Badia has an army. Strong Bad says that Strong Badia doesn't need an army and that he, Strong Mad, and The Cheat are a "three man one-y". But Homestar Runner interrupts him, stating that he is recruiting his own army to invade Strong Badia. Strong Bad then decides that Strong Badia needs an army, so he calls The Cheat, who is wearing a commando costume and insists that he should be called "Firebert". The Homestarmy, which consists of Homestar, Strong Sad, Homsar, the Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife, and a popcorn machine nicknamed Frank Bennedetto, proceed to invade Strong Badia. However, all Strong Bad, The Cheat, and Strong Mad want to do is play badminton, so the Homestarmy retreats, but not before Strong Bad kicks Bennedetto, "killing" him and upsetting Homestar. Firebert went on to become one of the Cheat Commandos, and the commentary for the DVD version emphasises the Geddup Noise long before it was given that name. watch (more...)

[edit] autobiography

"Milk and cookies shot out of my nose!"

In autobiography, the 67th Strong Bad Email, Dan from Pennsylvania asks Strong Bad to make an autobiography. He finds Dan's e-mail "solid", because of its lack of misspellings, being a good idea, and making fun of Strong Sad, so he prints it via The Paper so he can "save it for posterity... maybe a little prosperity". Strong Bad then shows his tape-based autobiography, "Words I Probably Said". However, he skips the parts he doesn't want others to hear. He then states that they could be used as weight-loss tapes; indeed, The King of Town ends up listening to it on a Walkman while training at the race track. watch (more...)

[edit] Bad Graphics Ghost

Bad graphics, evil graphics!

The Bad Graphics Ghost was spawned by the Tandy 400 to scare Strong Bad as revenge for being thrown out. It has also appeared on the screen of the broken Tandy on the virus-themed Main Page 22, pestering Strong Bad on the strongbad_email.exe Disc Two menu if the viewer waits around long enough (referred to as a "pixel ghost" by Strong Bad himself), and flying behind the pumpkins in Punkin Stencils. In October 2006, a fan's Bad Graphics Ghost pumpkin carving was featured in Weekly Fanstuff. In the Strong Bad Email ghosts, the Bad Graphics Ghost shows up on screen at the end. The viewer can "kill" the ghost by moving the cursor over the pixels. As this is done, the pixels will disappear. If not done quickly enough, the ghost will re-draw itself. The viewer can also kill it by holding the "Tab" key. If successfully killed, the scene changes to Strong Sad in outer space, where he "will sing you a scary song". (more...)

[edit] big white face

"I wish I could say that this is the first time this has happened to me. TODAY."

In big white face, the 70th Strong Bad Email, Jen C. asks Strong Bad why he is mean to "the guy with the big white face and grey body". Although she is obviously referring to Strong Sad, Strong Bad acts confused, so he goes through Compy 386-graphics pictures of Marzipan, Bubs, Homestar Runner, Strong Mad, The Cheat, and The Poopsmith. Believing Jen was referring to The Poopsmith, due to having her description on a black-and-white monitor (the Compy 386 somehow has a Macintosh GUI), Strong Bad decides that he should do something nice for The Poopsmith. Strong Sad reads the e-mail, then stands in the middle of the field, where Strong Bad, who has just made a cake for The Poopsmith, throws the cake in Strong Sad's face; Strong Bad then makes another cake and Strong Sad implies that Strong Bad had also thrown a cake in his face earlier that same day. Strong Bad then gives The Poopsmith, who is shovelling whatsit, the second cake; The Poopsmith then pokes The Paper with his shovel indefinitely. An Easter egg shows that the cake has some unusual toppings on it, and the Macintosh-style desktop can be downloaded. Also, the page title is "Compy 086" instead of the usual "Compy 386", a reference to the Macintosh desktop. watch (more...)

[edit] brianrietta

"BRIAN!? What the crap?"

In brianrietta, the 8th Strong Bad Email, Brian sends Strong Bad a long email that, in short, compliments him and asks if he should go out someday. Strong Bad starts to agree, but stops himself after he notices the boy's name. However, he agrees if Brian happens to be short for Brianrietta or Brian-Sue or something like that. This is the first e-mail in which Strong Bad has a more modern animation style and a voice with less of a Mexican accent. Combined with the fact that it was released over two months after the previous email, and that Strong Bad Emails came out at, for the most part, a weekly pace for the rest of 2002 and, to a lesser extent, the following six years, this can also be seen as the true beginning of Strong Bad Emails. watch (more...)

[edit] butt IQ

"Look at his stupid head! Look how stupid his head is."

In butt IQ, the 3rd Strong Bad Email, Tyler asks Strong Bad how "[he knows] if someone's butt is stupid", a question inspired by one of the songs in Strong Bad Sings. Strong Bad then explains the "Transitive Butt Property", one of his bogus mathematical theorems, using a bad-graphics picture of Homestar Runner. "...The stupidity of somebody's butt is greater than or equal to the stupidity of that person's head." This is also one of only four Strong Bad Emails to have a capital letter in its title. watch (more...)

[edit] caffeine

"Did you just say, 'parakeet'"?

In caffeine, the 91st Strong Bad Email, Justin from Murfressburo suggests to Strong Bad that he should slip Strong Sad some caffeine. Strong Bad likes the e-mail, and states that it would make a great project for the All-Wide Science Fair, along with his project about the effect of gasoline on fire. Strong Bad slips Sanka (which is actually a decaffeinated coffee) into Strong Sad's orange juice. For some reason, the caffeine causes Strong Sad to become hyperactive. He speaks nonsense in a fast-paced voice, tries to talk like The Cheat, and annoys Marzipan about wood-davers. He then hangs from the ceiling of the basement, where, after being told by Strong Mad to get down, randomly says "parakeet", making Strong Mad say one of the very few sentences he has said without yelling. Strong Sad then slaps Coach Z, but slowly snaps out of his hyperactive trance. He then passes out, then at the science fair, Strong Bad insinuates that he was dead and/or adopted. watch (more...)

[edit] caper

"Thanks for breaking my cow lamp."

In caper, the 68th Strong Bad Email, James asks Strong Bad to pull a caper with The Cheat. He then explains a caper they did recently, but failed: breaking into Homestar Runner's house and stealing Jumble puzzles from his newspapers. However, they break the cow lamp, waking Homestar Runner up, although Homestar doesn't seem to mind them having broken into his house; he even thanks them for breaking the cow lamp. Apparently believing he killed The Cheat in his anger, Strong Bad starts to sing a song about how glad he is that The Cheat is not dead. Strong Mad and Strong Sad clap to the beat of his song. Strong Bad then apologises to The Cheat. Homestar then comes in, wearing his pyjamas, having apparently slept in from being woken up. This e-mail was referenced in two later e-mails, highschool and the 200th e-mail email thunder, the former as an example of Strong Bad's "doodle memory" and the latter as a claimed Hremail asking Homestar about what he would do if his house was broken (more...)

[edit] car

"Oh, I'm just tricking out my fist here."

In car, the 101st Strong Bad Email, Kyle asks Strong Bad if he has a car, what kind of car it is, and if it's pimped out. Finding Kyle's e-mail stupid, Strong Bad tries to delete it, but is interrupted by Homestar Runner, who deviates from the e-mail's titular subject by showing off his new tricked-out propeller cap, which is capable of moving on its own via remote control, and glowing in the dark. Homestar then has Strong Bad spin the buzzer on the cap, which causes Homestar to sing the theme from Night Court. Strong Bad then "tricks out" his fist by writing "DELETED" on it, then punches Homestar in the face, leaving Homestar dazed and causing him to speak about pie. Strong Bad then brings the e-mail back to its subject by saying that he does not have a car and that he is never seen in one. Despite this claim, however, he is clearly seen in a car called the Gremlin in several later toons. watch (more...)

[edit] Carol

"Come on, Carol, let's rock!"

Carol is Marzipan's guitar, on which she plays syrupy songs solo and jams with her band, Cool Tapes. Carol is modeled after a nylon-string classical/Spanish guitar, and she features a drawing of a snake. Occasionally, Carol's sound has a Fuzztone-like distortion effect applied to it. Carol has a Powered By The Cheat variation named "Carl" as seen in the Strong Bad Email marzipan and the Seasonal Sweaters portion of Decemberween in July. According to Marzipan's commentary on the email marzipan (found on the strongbad_email.exe Disc One DVD), Carol is not her real guitar; her real guitar is named Joan. However in these commentaries, Marzipan takes the rare position that the Homestar Runner characters are actors. It is debatable how literally the "Joan" comment can be taken. (more...)

[edit] cartoon

"...or maybe a cloud that looked like a bird. You know, like a bird cloud."

In cartoon, the 21st Strong Bad Email, "Geroge" [sic] asks Strong Bad to make a cartoon including only himself and doing the commentary. The cartoon consists of Strong Bad standing in the field looking at a singing bird and scratching his head; despite this lack of activity, he manages to do a commentary about it. He than explains that, "Too much of a good thing is an awesome thing, but too much of an awesome thing is...umm...really, really dumb and bad." Strong Bad then watches the moving green lines on the Tandy 400's screen and gets hypnotised, eventually falling asleep on the keyboard; he makes a commentary out of that, as well. A 3D cartoon resembling the field one was later used in Strong Bad Gameways. This is also the first e-mail in which The Paper also has Strong Bad's email address written on it (in the previous twenty e-mails, it simply read "Click here to email strong bad"). watch (more...)

[edit] CGNU

"The future is you... probably."

In CGNU, the 26th Strong Bad Email, Margo asks Strong Bad how he can become a graduate of Crazy Go Nuts University. Prior to this e-mail, the only mention of such a university was on the diploma behind Strong Bad in the Homestar Quiz; Strong Bad does an advertisement in the office from that game. After mentioning several nonsensical classes, Strong Bad states that to enter the university, someone must paint a picture of a guy with a big knife, but an anonymous announcer claims that applicants are not accepted and that the art test is only so they can make fun of people who try to apply. The toon ends with a CGNU logo that shines indefinitely. This is also one of only four Strong Bad Emails to have capital letters in its title. watch (more...)

[edit] cheat talk

"Say 'Douglas'."

In cheat talk, the 55th Strong Bad Email, the town of Cory, North Dakota tell Strong Bad that they can't understand The Cheat and ask him to get The Cheat to say something normal. Strong Bad then tells The Cheat to say "Douglas", without any luck. He then tries to get Strong Mad to say it, but still no luck. Strong Bad then slams the Compy 386's keyboard into Strong Sad's stomach, somehow causing him to say "Douglas" (according to an interview, this particular Strong Sad line is by Mike instead of the usual Matt). Strong Bad then hears "Douglas" said in a voice similar to The Cheat's, but it appears to be just a sycamore branch rubbing against the computer room's window (which appears for the first time in this e-mail, and is rarely seen since). The e-mail ends with Strong Bad trying to speak The Cheat's language himself. An Easter egg also contains translations for things that The Cheat has said in four previous toons. Also, for some reason, this e-mail failed to work in a version of Flash Player released over seven years after it was. watch (more...)

[edit] Cinder Block

"You are a stop sign and I am a cinder block"

The Cinder Block holds up the Stop Sign in Strong Badia, although it is apparently not considered part of the "population". In the email "2 years", Strong Bad predicted that the Cinder Block would break up with the Stop Sign by September of 2005, as evidenced by a letter that the Cinder Block wrote. However, this did not come to pass; the Cinder Block is still holding up the Stop Sign to date. Originally, the Cinder Block and Stop Sign were meant to be part of a larger monument, representing the right foot of Strong Bad. However, once the Thnikkaman passed by Strong Badia, all plans were forgotten, as seen in the email "monument". (more...)

[edit] couch patch

"I thought this week's e-mail was entitled 'Teddy Graham Memories'."

In couch patch, the 88th Strong Bad Email, after failing to get the Compy 386 and The Paper to print out a million-dollar bill, Strong Bad gets an e-mail asking him if there is a story "behiend" [sic] the patch on his couch. He states that he tried to hide his non-existent Aztec gold, but unleashed "a stench of biblical proportions", causing a one-man hazmat team to hose him down. Strong Sad, however, states that a younger Strong Bad thought that Carl Lewis was a woman, and was hot, leading him to draw this statement on the couch. Homestar Runner also contradicts, stating that he spat Teddy Grahams all over the basement, but this is unrelated to the patch. Another contradiction comes from Coach Z, who has been shadowed and his voice digitally altered, who states that he had no idea what meat Strong Bad used at a dinner party, so he had to puke. Strong Bad states that this is the answer, then tries to use the Compy 386 to make Homestar's head explode, but instead makes The Cheat's head explode. watch (more...)

[edit] credit card

"Gimme one of these... a couple of these..."

In credit card, the 12th Strong Bad Email, "John, and some other people who aren't scam artists" tell Strong Bad that his credit card has expired, and that he should send it to them so they can renew it. Knowing it is in fact a scam, he edits the e-mail and forwards it to Homestar Runner. Homestar, knowing that the "Superfied Credit Union" has the same e-mail address as Strong Bad, but presumably unaware that it actually is him, proceeds to send his own credit card information to Strong Bad. With this information, Strong Bad proceeds to buy stuff from "". A fan site with this same name was later made, and had the same layout as it does in this e-mail, but with some extra prices; as an acknowledgement, The Brothers Chaps later added these prices to the e-mail. Also, despite the Tandy 400's lack of a mouse, Strong Bad somehow uses one in this e-mail. watch (more...)

[edit] crying

Don't cry for me, The Cheatentina..."

In crying, the 109th Strong Bad Email, DJ Solerous from Australia asks Strong Bad if he has ever made Homestar Runner cry. He says that he can make anyone cry just by showing them a picture of a one-legged puppy called Li'l Brudder. Cut to Homestar standing in the field; Strong Bad then walks in and shows Homestar the picture of Li'l Brudder, causing Homestar to burst into tears and make hysterical movements. The Cheat then appears, and Strong Bad shows him the Li'l Brudder picture - unfortunately, it makes The Cheat cry, too. Strong Sad appears, wondering if Li'l Brudder is based on him; luckily, Strong Bad has made up a two-legged elephant called Tendafoot, who can "power a small city with [his] whining"; Strong Sad actually believes that he can do the same. Back at the Compy 386, Strong Bad almost starts to cry as well, but covers it up by saying he has a food in the oven, then quickly runs off. Li'l Brudder and Tendafoot would later get their own TV show. watch (more...)

[edit] current status

"This crap ain't funny!"

In current status, the 56th Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad starts off rushing towards the Compy 386 and, for a not-yet-explained reason, hastily checks his e-mail. The e-mail, from Jordan Reynolds in New Hampshire, asks him about his current status with the ladies. He insists that "they all still want [him]". Bubs and Coach Z can be heard calling for him, and for a not-yet-explained reason, he rushes off. Bubs and Coach Z then come into the computer room, but for some reason, Bubs's head is on Coach Z's body and vice versa. After trying to catch Strong Bad, who apparently rendered them this way, they just get into a fight about their changed appearances. watch (more..)

[edit] dangeresque 3

"Looks like we're gonna have to jump!"

In dangeresque 3, the 106th Strong Bad Email, John Newell asks Strong Bad when Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective is coming out (this e-mail was released in June 2004, the month when Strong Bad said in stunt double that Dangeresque 3 would come out). Strong Bad then says that he hasn't made Dangeresque 3 yet, but as a cop-out, he offers the director's cut of Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too?. Strong Bad plays Dangeresque, The Cheat acts as a sign for Istanbul, Coach Z plays Renaldo, Homestar Runner plays Dangeresque Too, Strong Sad is forced to play a passerby nicknamed Hot Tub (and is also once again forced to be a stunt double), The King of Town plays the villain Perducci, Strong Mad plays Killingyouguy, and Marzipan plays Cutesy Buttons. As far as the plot goes, Dangeresque and Dangeresque Too (who Dangeresque is initially reluctant to have as a partner) must stop Perducci from intercepting a serum that will somehow cause Cutesy Buttons to be kidnapped if it is not intercepted. After defeating Perducci and Killingyouguy on the roof of Bubs' Concession Stand, they jump off and the credits play, while Today is Alright 4 2Nite plays. Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective was finally released as an episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People nearly four-and-a-half years after this e-mail was released, and as promised in stunt double, parts of it were made in 3D even later. watch (more...)

[edit] date

"Sid Hoffman, or Sid Frenchman?"

In date, the 81st Strong Bad Email, Dynomite from "the state Boston's in" asks Strong Bad what happens when Homestar Runner and Marzipan go on a date. He first demonstrates by showing a polygon-based Compy 386 program called Homestar Runner and Marzipan Extra Real Dating Sim XR, then uses a security monitor to view an actual date between the two taking place at Marshmallow's Last Stand. After seeing how unsuccessful their date is going, Strong Bad checks out two more events viewed through other video cameras connected to the security monitor: Strong Mad punching Strong Sad in the face, and The Cheat touching Strong Badia's tire and getting scared by the Bear Holding a Shark (which appears for the first time in this e-mail). He then reviews the date again, which ends with Homestar spitting Super Mud (which Strong Bad has replaced his coffee with) in Marzipan's face. Two games can be played at the end of the e-mail, the dating sim, in which Homestar and Marzipan say "DUH", "FUH", "BUH", and random quotes in Powered by The Cheat voices; and Homestar Runner's "Sid" Game, in which the viewer picks whether Homestar will say "Sid Hoffman" or "Sid Frenchman"; if they guess right, they get a point. watch (more...)

[edit] depressio

"He says you're a dumb and crappy guy."

In depressio, the 6th Strong Bad Email, Anthony from South Gate, California tells Strong Bad to tell Strong Sad that he is "a dumb and crappy guy". Strong Bad then delivers the message while Strong Sad is actually writing a card for Anthony and sending him a hundred dollars. Knowing Anthony hates him, Strong Sad rips the card in half. Strong Bad then suggests that anyone who hates Strong Sad should email him instead, and gives them his e-mail address. For a while after this e-mail was released, e-mailing Strong Sad would get an automated response containing a link to The Secrets That I Keep, which was later changed to an autoamated response containing a link to his Lament. The e-mail account has since been removed. Apart from being about Strong Sad, this is also the first Strong Bad Email in which he appears. watch (more...)

[edit] do over

"Oh, *this* is hilarious."

In do over, the 130th Strong Bad Email, Richie Z from Canada asks Strong Bad what he would do different if he could do it all over again. He states that he has previously made a couple of "stnanks", so he would do over the e-mails in which that happened. His first choice is sisters, because of the broken Tandy 400 deleting the e-mail from Ali and her sister. Before Strong Bad finishes the reply he wanted to make to the sisters' e-mail, he calls for The Cheat, but instead gets Homestar Runner, who has decided to dress like (and even try to talk like) The Cheat. Homestar suggests that Strong Bad should serenade them, so they play music, but Homestar ends up falling for Strong Bad. Strong Bad decides that didn't go well, then decides to do over little animal because of having kicked The Cheat. Homestar comes in, again dressed as The Cheat. Strong Bad then slams Homestar on the head with the Tandy's keyboard, but is then tortured by Strong Mad, who is so protective of The Cheat that he actually believes Homestar to be The Cheat, causing coins to fall out of Strong Bad's head. Strong Bad then concludes that he would do over the current e-mail; the Lappy 486 performs a "Do Over!" effect similar to the DELETED effect. Strong Bad states that he wouldn't do anything over. However, he almost decides to do over stupid stuff because of rejecting the Cheatcakes. He is once again interrupted by Homestar Runner dressed as The Cheat. It is revealed in an Easter egg that The Cheat dressed up as Homestar and made out with Marzipan. Interestingly, the DVD commentary for this email was recorded before the email was put up on watch (more...)

[edit] Doreauxgard

"Hey there, Mr. Strong Bad!"

Doreauxgard is a cantaloupe (stolen by The Cheat from Marzipan) with a pencil-drawn face and said pencil jabbed through its base. He is used by Strong Bad to threaten Bubs in the email "lackey." You can also see the fruit in real life with the Homestar Puppet by finding an Easter egg in the same cartoon. There you see the "Homestar Runner and Doreauxgard Show!" brought to you by Hollerin' Jimmy's Hobby Kit. The Brothers Chaps have also made an actual puppet of Doreauxgard (with a mouth that can open and close), which was not shown on the site until Main Page 25. Based on this and the fact that he has a Quote of the Week character head, there may be more planned for this character. A moldy cantaloupe appeared in the email cliffhangers, but it is unknown whether or not this is actually Doreauxgard. (more...)

[edit] dreamail

"But right now, I gotta fly."

In dreamail, the 122nd Strong Bad Email, Danny Gedgafov from Glenview, Illinois asks Strong Bad what he looks for in an e-mail and what his dream e-mail would be. Strong Bad demonstrates his "dreamail" by having a pink border and the Lappy 486 logo having a female appearance and speaking with a synthesised voice. His dreamail has 128 hot Katies come over to retrieve his pocket watch. Strong Bad then states that he would have The Cheat read it to him every night (despite his lack of intelligible speech). Homestar Runner then enters the dreamail, making Strong Bad angry; back in the real world, Homestar gives Strong Bad back some pocket lint. Strong Bad decides that his dreamail should have a white cloud border, since Homestar will not show up if it does. Strong Bad answers his second dreamail, which is from Leonard Nimoy, in a submarine, then "flies" away with the aid of strings. The Paper takes on the appearance of the US Constitution. Despite the female Lappy being part of the dreamail, it makes several later appearances, suggesting it is an actual feature of the Lappy (and having apparently replaced its normal logo). watch (more...)

[edit] duck pond

"Come here, ducky."

In duck pond, the 14th Strong Bad Email, Ron Kiwi asks Strong Bad if he feeds the ducks. Strong Bad says that because there isn't a pond near his house (though there is one elsewhere in Free Country, USA), he has a duck pond simulator on the Tandy 400. The duck pond simulator can be played; after feeding either duck 10 times, it switches to an Atari 2600 version, which used to be playable, but is now a demo. This is also the first mention of Videlectrix, albeit retroactively (i. e. at the time the Atari 2600 version of Duck Pond became a demo). watch (more...)

[edit] dullard

"Yes, I'm still here."

In dullard, the 37th Strong Bad Email, Jason asks Strong Bad how to deal with the office dullard. Strong Bad then shows four tried-and-true methods, all of in which Homestar Runner is the dullard. Strong Bad also states that "it couldn't hurt to steal his lunch from the break room fridge every day". This is the first appearance of the comic strip Dullard (while the original Flash version has just the one debut strip, the DVD version contains a different strip for each method), the office, and Strong Bad's work computer (which would later be named the Corpy NT6). watch (more...)

[edit] Eggs (toon)

Sometimes things just don't turn out the way you want them to.

Eggs was going to be made for Easter 2001, but it was unfinished. The unfinished portion of it was put on for Easter 2007. The Brothers Chaps point out how bad it was going to be; indeed, the unfinished portion is nothing more than an animation of Easter eggs of Strong Bad's head, Homestar Runner, Pom Pom, and Marzipan rocking back and forth; the Strong Bad one then moves on its own, eventually breaking itself. watch (more...)

[edit] english paper

"...Y'know, like throw a cool nickname in there, like Kyle 'The Yellow Dart' Smith."

In english paper, the 64th Strong Bad Email, Kyle Smith asks Strong Bad to write him an English paper, since he is too lazy to do one himself. Strong Bad then types an English paper, giving Kyle the nickname of "The Yellow Dart", giving it triple-space action, and adding diagrams of batteries being eaten. He is also interrupted by Homestar Runner who wants to put a half-eaten breakfast burrito on an online auction. This e-mail is infamous for both the English paper and the breakfast burrito: the English paper can be downloaded and has reportedly been handed in, including by Kyle Smith himself, and the burrito was put on eBay shortly after the e-mail was released and quickly became a very popular item, maxing out at $99,999,999; however, it was pulled before it was shifted; Homestar claimed that The King of Town ate it. watch (more...)

[edit] extra plug

"Nobody move! Gonna be a long week!"

In extra plug, the 116th Strong Bad Email, Justin Corcoran asks Strong Bad if he ever uses the extra plug under his computer desk. Strong Bad then states that he has just received some 'Lectric Boots, which he believes will score him some ladies at the club. The boots have flashing lights, make a very loud vacuum cleaner-like noise, and consume a lot of power; before Strong Bad can continue replying to the e-mail, the power goes out. Strong Bad then tries to ask Strong Mad, Strong Sad, and The Cheat for help finishing his e-mail, but they are busy watching a picture of Andy Griffith's head taped to the TV. They, along with Homestar Runner, eventually help Strong Bad, who writes his text on the Compy 386's screen as Strong Sad lowers a piece of paper in sync to Strong Bad's speech, Strong Mad says "Preeeeow", and The Cheat holds The Paper (even though The Paper normally comes out of a printer). Homestar and Strong Sad then sing about how they have to pee. It is revealed in an Easter egg that to rework the 'Lectric Boots, Strong Bad plugged them into The King of Town's emergency plug. At the end, Strong Bad comments, "Gonna be a long week!"; indeed, the next e-mail was released four weeks later. watch (more...)

[edit] FAQ

"Ouch. What do you do?"

The FAQ page for is based on Highlights for Children. Besides the FAQs, it also features "What's wrong with this mess?", and "Fill in the blanks" (the viewer has to identify several characters' eyes, but filling in the blanks is impossible), and fake stickers (the viewer can move them around to make cartoons). The question "Who does the voices for your dumb animal characters?" is based on one of Mike's lines from the DVD video Sample of Style or one of Matt's lines from the 2003 Wired News Interview that preceded Sample of Style. The design of the characters and background for the static cling activity is based on the stylized "Everybody! Everybody!" wallpaper in the Downloads section. (more...)

[edit] fingers

"You look ridiculous!"

In fingers, the 63rd Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad gets at least four e-mails asking him how he types with boxing gloves on. He then gets an e-mail from Lee Conrad from Edmonton, Alberta, suggesting that he add fake fingers to his boxing gloves so that people stop asking him that question. He imagines buying several fake fingers from Bubs, then rocking out to Taranchula music with Strong Mad, then showing Coach Z his fake fingers, then barging in on Homestar Runner, who himself has fake arms attached to himself. Throughout Strong Bad's imagination, Strong Sad is imagined dead, first behind the couch, then stuffed into one of the lockers in Coach Z's locker room, then stuffed into the soapbox that Homestar is standing on. And despite it being in his imagination, back in the real world, Strong Bad ends up typing with his fake fingers, with which he is somehow unable to type properly. watch (more...)

[edit] Flash

It's Flash!

Flash is the program used by The Brothers Chaps to create the Homestar Runner cartoons and games. It is also the software used by The Cheat to create the Powered by The Cheat cartoons. These games and cartoons can then be played using the Flash Player included with most modern web browsers. Although the program has been renamed Adobe Flash, since Macromedia was bought out by Adobe, the version used by The Brothers Chaps is still attributed to Macromedia. Though The Brothers Chaps generally use a PC to run Flash, The Cheat apparently runs the program on a Tangerine Dreams computer. It was also revealed at Flashforward 2006 (or rather, in the interview before Flashforward 2006) that, at the time, TBC used Flash 5 to create their cartoons. In "Flashday" (a bonus toon for Everything Else Vol. 2), Homestar Runner and Strong Bad celebrate the birthday of Flash 5. (more...)

[edit] funny

"Aunt Ruthie! Aunt Ruthie! There's ketchup on the computer!"

In funny, the 75th Strong Bad Email, after Strong Bad dawdles in opening his e-mail client, Sam asks him to respond to his e-mail in the funniest way ever. Strong Bad tapes a floppy disk to his head, speaks gibberish, dances on his computer desk, pours ketchup on the Compy 386, and bounces on his head. After annoying Strong Sad with this behaviour, Strong Bad snaps out of it and goes back to the computer room, where Bubs and The Cheat are eating French fries along with the sauce that Strong Bad spilled over the computer. After having them go away, Strong Bad then tries the sauce himself, finding it computer-generated. watch (more...)

[edit] garage sale

"Look, if you're not gonna buy anything, you gotta leave."

In garage sale, the 129th Strong Bad Email, Cat tells Strong Bad that he should have a garage sale. Strong Bad states that he finds garage sales to be "gar-bahge" sales, then describes several typical people who buy stuff at garage sales, all of whom are at his garage sale: the haggler, who, in this case, is Bubs, who wants an Aunt Gert doll; the lurker (who never buys anything), who in this case, is Strong Sad (who is forced to be with Senor Cardgage); and Coach Z, who is buying "great for baby" items because he believes himself to be a mother. Strong Bad states that he held this garage sale so that The Cheat could ransack every residence in Free Country, USA and Strong Bad could sell the stolen items at an inflated price; in this case, Marzipan gets her answering machine back. Interestingly, many items at the garage sale are sold for prices that are equivalent to the number of the Strong Bad Email in which they first appeared. watch (more...)

[edit] gimmicks

This does not look good for Strong Bad.

In gimmicks, the 33rd Strong Bad Email, Mike from Everett, MA tells Strong Bad about the days when he didn't need a gimmick to be funny. Immediately afterwards, the Tandy 400 turns itself off and blows up in Strong Bad's face, sending him flying across the computer room and crashing through the wall of Strong Sad's room. Strong Bad tries to persuade Strong Sad to give him money to either fix the Tandy or get it replaced, but fails, since Strong Sad also wants his poster replaced. In the next email, Strong Bad uses The Cheat's Tangerine Dreams while the Tandy is getting fixed. The Tandy is repaired in sisters, but it still malfunctions; it is eventually replaced with the Compy 386 in invisibility. This is also one of the e-mails that Strong Bad later states are his personal favourites. watch (more...)

[edit] guitar

"And the dragon comes in the nniiiiightt!!"

In guitar, the 36th Strong Bad Email, Derek Highet from Northern California asks Strong Bad if he can play the guitar. Strong Bad states that can, knowing about arpeggios, "trembalos", and virtuosos. He then types out (and says) the onomatopoeia for the guitar. He then imagines that Strong Mad and The Cheat would join in (typing their onomatopoeia as well) and that he would sing about a dragon coming in the night. After falling off the chair, he holds a lit BMW lighter, which actually singes The Paper. The song Strong Bad sings at the end is the inspiration for Trogdor's song in dragon. watch (more...)

[edit] haircut


In haircut, the 103rd Strong Bad Email, Harry Earlenmacherg, a Deutschlander from Düsseldorf, asks Strong Bad who cuts his hair and asks for suggestions on what do do with his own hair. Since Strong Bad has no hair, he tries to give a haircut to Marzipan and The King of Town, but they both refuse, as does Homestar Runner (despite 1) not having hair either and 2) not having been asked). The Poopsmith offers to have his hair cut, however, but Strong Bad takes up that offer. So Strong Bad starts to leave Harry on his own, but Strong Mad comes in, wanting to make a cardboard box dance. Strong Bad then looks at his brother's eyebrows, then gets an idea: he "scans" a picture of Strong Mad (sans the eyebrows) into the Compy 386's screen, and uses a permanent marker (which he claims is a light pen) to draw several hairstyles in the form of eyebrows, one of which is Ready for Primetime, which resembles the Sweet Cuppin' Cakes characters (and, indeed, went on to be a Sweet Cuppin' Cakes character). Strong Bad then uses the "light pen" on a sleeping Strong Sad, then makes Strong Mad's box dance. watch (more..)

[edit] helium

"Hey guys! How do you like my sounds?"

In helium, the 38th Strong Bad Email, Shaq Shack from Whittier asks Strong Bad what he sounds like when he inhales helium. Having thrown a party the night before, Strong Bad goes to his living room, where Strong Mad and The Cheat are hanging out. After breathing in a balloon, Strong Bad sings a song in his high-pitched voice, but the effect is temporary. Strong Mad then breathes in a balloon, but for some reason, his voice does not change. The Cheat then tries to breathe in a balloon, but the entire balloon gets stuck inside of him, causing him to become round and float away. At the same time, Homestar Runner and Marzipan are having a conversation about pork and beans, but are interrupted by the floating The Cheat. Marzipan, and later Strong Sad, are concerned by The Cheat's appearance, but Homestar just thinks that the floating The Cheat is an ugly bird. This is the first email in which Marzipan appears and the first one in which Strong Mad speaks. Also, despite the lack of change of pitch in Strong Mad's voice when he inhales helium, in a later email, his voice becomes high-pitched when he breathes in bandwidth through a garden hose. watch (more...)

[edit] Hiatuses

"You got this, Homestar. This is nothin'.

During 2010, after the April Fools' Day toon Xeriouxly Forxe came out (itself the first major update in nearly five months), barely any material was produced on Most of the articles presented on the main page were Store offers. This may be because of a new baby in the family, as noted on the FeedBurner page, and the possibility they were busy working on a different project. For the first time in the site's history, no Halloween cartoon was produced in 2010. After over seven months of no updates, on November 22, Poker Night at the Inventory was released. On December 14, 2010, A Decemberween Mackerel was released, temporarily ending the hiatus. This was shortly followed by Which Ween Costumes? on December 22. In September, Matt created a Twitter account called @ronginald in which he stated that Homestar Runner would sooner be updated "sporadically and without warning", and that he works for the Nickelodeon program Yo Gabba Gabba, for which he had previously created an animated segment. Matt posted a sneak peek of the 206th sbemail on his twitter account. In 2014, four years after the latest toon, April Fool 2014 was released. The entire cartoon referenced the 1,197-day hiatus and at the end of that toon, Strong Bad and Homestar Runner discuss the possibility of there being a substantial amount of time before the next update. In July, Matt stated in an interview that he planned to update the website again later in the year, which proved to be true with the release of Fish Eye Lens in October. In addition, Quote of the Week, Weekly Fanstuff, and Sketchbook were updated for the first time in 5 years. Later, a new Halloween teaser was released. I Killed Pom Pom, a Halloween toon, was also released at the end of the month, making 2014 the first year since 2009 to feature a full-length Halloween toon. (more...)

[edit] homestar hair

"How come you never play my game, man?"

In homestar hair, the 4th Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad gets a Hairstyle Runner instead of a normal e-mail. After deleting it (though not with the standard DELETED! screen), he gets frustrated that no one ever plays Strong Libs or sends him any hilarious stuff from that game. To get his mind off of e-mails, he then plays Temple of Apshai. watch (more...)

[edit] huttah!

"I think The Cheat is deleted."

In huttah!, the 60th Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad gets several e-mails from fans who like The Cheat. He gets annoyed at the e-mails, even deleting some of them. Unfortunately for him, however, The Cheat himself is watching all this on the Tangerine Dreams. The Cheat comes up to Strong Bad and gets angry with him, but Strong Bad covers it up. He then tapes a small piece of paper reading "the cheat" to the area of the Compy 386's screen where his own name usually appears. He gets two more e-mails, the first one showing dislike of him and the second one asking how he types with boxing gloves on, but because of the piece of paper, he pretends they are directed at The Cheat. After all that trouble, Strong Bad relaxes himself with the take-a-break.exe screensaver, which can be downloaded. watch (more...)

[edit] i she be

Hooking up with Great Looking Girl

In i she be, the 13th Strong Bad Email, "Great Looking Girl" tells Strong Bad, "i she be your girlfriend." Strong Bad, however, is angry at how poorly-written the email is. Instead of "let[ting] [her] email go to waste", however, he forwards it to The Cheat. The Cheat later has an AIM conversation with Great Looking Girl, in which they agree to hook up, though mostly because The Cheat describes his appearance like Strong Mad's instead of his own. This is also the first appearance of the Tangerine Dreams, The Cheat's original computer. watch (more...)

[edit] impression

"Nice use of light and shadow. And picnic supplies.

In impression, the 82nd Strong Bad Email, "Jhonka" asks Strong Bad to do his impression of Strong Sad. Strong Bad states that the Strong Sad Lookalike Contest is being held, with Coach Z as the judge. Strong Bad's costume consists of a paper plate resembling Strong Sad's face, a beret, and a grey shirt with a tape recorder underneath it. The recording has Strong Sad talking, but Strong Bad talks in it as well, so he doesn't win. Homestar Runner's costume has him wearing hippo slippers, a sock taped to his head, and his usual shirt coloured grey. He also says "Some animal died", something that Strong Sad would say. Homsar's costume has him looking exactly like Strong Sad as well as his hat; because of this, he is disqualified. The winner of the contest is The Cheat, who is in a paper bag resembling Strong Sad's leg. Strong Bad, however, has won the penmanship award. The afterparty takes place in Strong Bad's living room, where Poot-Slap is played after having not been used for a while, and Homestar doesn't realise he has a sock on his head despite it being part of his costume. Jhonka also went on to be a character in Peasant's Quest. watch (more...)

[edit] interview

"I was raised by a cup of coffee."

In interview, the 62nd Strong Bad Email, Kerrek asks Strong Bad that everyone should know more about Homsar and that he should be interviewed. After finding Kerrek to be a good name for an enemy of Trogdor, Strong Bad states that he can't talk to Homsar for more than three seconds without gnawing his own leg off. He then states how an interview with Homsar would go using pen puppets. After making up several typical Homsar quotes, he fights with the pen puppets, but then Homsar himself comes in and spouts out his usual non-sequiturs. Strong Bad, waiting for Homsar to go down to the basement where Strong Sad is, then pours salt over his leg, ignoring The Cheat, who has just brought him some Thai iced tea. A Main Page about Homsar can be accessed from this e-mail; shortly after the e-mail was released, it could also be accessed from the other Main Pages. watch (more...)

[edit] Intro

"Everybody! Everybody!"

The intro to, which can be accessed from the Index Page, consists of Homestar Runner running across the screen while children sing "Everybody, everybody", then Homestar appears in a star-shaped tunnel, singing the song himself. The viewer is then directed to one of the Main Pages. For several holidays, the intro is replaced with a special one. It was originally replaced with the Ween Intro on Halloween, and it was originally replaced with the Flag Intro for the Fourth of July. It was replaced with the King of Town Intro on April Fools' 2003, it was Sbemailiarized for April Fools' 2009, and it was replaced with Xeriouxly Forxe on April Fools' 2010. watch (more...)

[edit] invisibility

"Oww! Those things are bad for you!"

invisibility, the 41st Strong Bad Email, starts off with Strong Bad returning from his vacation. He doesn't need the "DORKS!" sticky note anymore... and he doesn't need the Tandy 400 anymore! After knocking the Tandy away, Strong Bad starts up his new computer, the Compy 386, which is, in his words, "a spectacle of graphics and sound". The first e-mail on his new computer, from sinstudly17, asks him what he would do if he was "invisable" [sic] for one day. Strong Bad imagines that he would steal Swiss Cake Rolls from Bubs's Concession Stand, punch Homestar Runner in the gut, and watch TV while eating the Swiss Cake Rolls. In his imagination, however, Strong Mad ends up sitting on the invisible Strong Bad. Back in the real world, Strong Bad then thinks he needs a shower. The Tandy, which has been trashed, then "says" its last words to Strong Bad. Ironically, although it is the first Compy 386 email, the commentary for its DVD version mentions the Compy's replacement, the Lappy 486 (the DVD was released between the penultimate Compy email and the last one). It is also one of the e-mails that Strong Bad later states are his personal favourites. watch (more...)

[edit] island

"Are we rescued yet?"

In island, the 52nd Strong Bad Email, "Yami Yugi" asks Strong Bad what he would do if he was stranded on a desert island with Homestar Runner. He states that, like most cartoons (but mostly as an allusion to the Looney Tunes short Wackiki Wabbit, according to the commentary for the DVD version), they would see each other as food and chase each other trying to eat each other. Cut to Strong Bad and Homestar on an island. After Homestar constantly annoying Strong Bad and Strong Bad threatening Homestar, Homestar imitates Main Page 3 (which takes place on a beach similar to the one on the island). Strong Bad then finds a message in a bottle, and reads it thinking they're saved, but it is just a flyer for an old Super Bowl. Also, in this e-mail, Homestar calls Strong Bad Stinkoman, which would become the name of Strong Bad's 20X6 form five emails later. watch (more...)

[edit] kids' book

"Everyone is different. No two people are the same not on fire."

In kids' book, the 84th Strong Bad Email, Steve Buttz asks Strong Bad if he has written a children's book and what words he has taught the kids. Strong Bad states that he has written a childrens' book, but all he has really done is vandalised a Lem Sportsinterviews book called "Everyone is Different". What was once a book about different-looking kids is now a book about those kids either suffering misfortune, being violent, or having their qualities insulted: a freckled boy is about to be run over, a tall boy is destroying San Antonio, a glasses-wearing girl is stated to look like a boy, a left-handed boy is now "squirrel-handed", a braces- and headgear-wearing girl is playing linebacker for the Oakland Raiders, a red-haired boy is blowing up an enemy base, a Southern-accented girl is stated to be "a severe hottie", a curly-haired girl is being "fangoriously" devoured by a gelatinous monster, and all eight of those kids end up on fire. Two Easter eggs also contain vandalised books: the first one is Strumstar Hammer, a vandalised version of the original Homestar Runner book, and the second one is about Eh! Steve. Also, according to the later Strong Bad Email geddup noise, this is the e-mail in which, according to Strong Bad, the Geddup Noise became big overseas. watch (more...)

[edit] kind of cool

"You smell like pea soooup!"

In kind of cool, the 92nd Strong Bad Email, Jordan asks Strong Bad what he would be like if "[he wasn't] the stylish, buff, handsome man in a wrestling mask that [he was]". He states he would have a beer belly and a comb-over, that he would carry an Aldi bag with "mysterious unknown contents", eat melted candy bars really loudly, mysteriously come out of shrubs and bushes, say a phrase that's "almost one word and not quite another", and refer to men by ladies' names and titles. However, he has just described Senor Cardgage, who used to live down the street when he was little and gave Strong Sad nightmares. Finding Senor Cardgage cool, Strong Bad then proceeds to hang out with him for the first time in a long time. watch (more...)

[edit] lackey

"So excited, so naive..."

In lackey, the 96th Strong Bad Email, Steve from Victoria, BC, asks Strong Bad why The Cheat is a diligent lackey. He states that it's because he "treat[s] him like a brother that's not Strong Sad" and that he pays him with pencil shavings. Strong Bad demonstrates by asking The Cheat to steal a cantaloupe from Marzipan's garden; The Cheat does so, and Strong Bad "pays" him. Strong Bad then draws a face on the cantaloupe and jabs the pencil inside the cantaloupe, creating Doreauxgard. Strong Bad then uses Doreauxgard to threaten Bubs with a fake payment, but Bubs just evades the payment. A puppet version of Doreauxgard then participates in a Puppet Stuff short with Homestar Runner. watch (more...)

[edit] Legal


The Legal page consists of the privacy policy and terms of use for If the viewer waits 11 seconds, Homestar Runner walks by and says "Bo-ring!". Legal.txt (the text version) is the only text file on the site. In multiple sections of the document, there are references to collecting the user's email address for an "update newsletter". This newsletter no longer exists. Due to being made in the early days of the website, it also mentions Macintosh and Windows 95 as examples of operating systems, Netscape and Internet Explorer as examples of Internet browsers, and AOL and EarthLink as examples of ISPs. Homestar says the same "Bo-ring!" line in Arcade Game and a re-recorded version in the FBI warning on disc one of the strongbad_email.exe DVD. view (more...)

[edit] Let us give TANKS!

"I can never tell you two apart!"

In Let us give TANKS!, the 2006 Thanksgiving toon, Blue Laser invites the Cheat Commandos over for Thanksgiving dinner. While Gunhaver remains at headquarters and Reynold goes to spend time at his parents' house, the other Cheat Commandos travel over the river and through the woods to the Blue Laser Cottage. The two usually hostile factions set aside their differences and sit down for a friendly Thanksgiving dinner, but just as they begin, Gunhaver suddenly arrives and threatens the situation. (more...) watch

[edit] little animal

"A little animal comes up to me... I'd kick it."

In little animal, the 23rd Strong Bad Email, Ashley and Anthony ask Strong Bad what he would do if a little animal came up to him; his subject is The Cheat, whom he kicks. But before Strong Bad can actually finish his reply to the e-mail, Strong Mad comes up to him angry. After trying to explain that it was just a joke, Strong Bad kicks Strong Mad in the knee and quickly runs off, then Strong Mad chases him around the computer room for as long as the viewer leaves the toon open. Although this is not the first instance of kicking The Cheat (it was in fact in the original Homestar Runner book), it is the first time Strong Bad does it. Apart from being the first e-mail in which Strong Mad appears, this is also the first appearance of Strong Man and The Sneak, Strong Mad's and The Cheat's Old-Timey counterparts respectively (an Easter egg changes the chase scene to one of Strong Man chasing Old-Timey Strong Bad). It is also one of the two e-mails that Strong Bad later proceeds to do over. watch (more...)

[edit] little questions

("Hey, send me some of those Swedish fish. Ooh! And Swedish meatballs.")

In little questions, the 43rd Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad gets a very poorly-written email from Viklas in Sweden. Strong Bad answers Viklas's questions (which are about football, when he was a baby, and when he will be old) with roughly the same skill of English as Viklas. This is accompanied by synthesised European music, as well as subtitles in proper English (although Strong Bad's answers and the subtitles do not always match up). Strong Bad then marks Viklas's e-mail as an essay and gives it an F, while signing his own name in Swedish. An Easter egg contains a political cartoon about diplomacy between Sweden and Strong Badia. When the songs from Dancin' Bubs were changed, the synthesised music from this email became one of them. watch (more...)

[edit] local news

"The World in CRISIS! ...More on that later.

In local news, the 89th Strong Bad Email, Dan D. asks Strong Bad if Strong Badia has a local news station and hopes it's better than his own local news. After singing a song about the difference between "its" and "it's", Strong Bad states that Strong Badia does indeed have a local news station, then proceeds to throw together the local news. Strong Bad does the top stories, Strong Mad does the sports, the Tire does the weather, and The Cheat does "SkyCheat Traffic". Bubs and The Poopsmith also have minor roles in helping out. The Cheat reports (with subtitles, of course) a long line at Bubs' Concession Stand, Strong Mad throws a football in Strong Sad's face, the Tire just rolls away, and Strong Bad's story "The World in Crisis" isn't reported and won't be until tomorrow. An Easter egg contains, along with the "its/it's" song, four other grammar songs: one about capitalisation (or lack thereof), one about spell-checking, one about the difference between "your" and "you're", and one against the use of Internet slang. This e-mail is probably better known for these songs than its actual subject. watch (more...)

[edit] long pants

"Let's talk about your pants, or your lack thereof, Daisy Dukes aside."

In long pants, the 127th Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad gets a very long e-mail from Clancy asking why Homestar Runner doesn't wear pants, and that he should get some pants. Finding Clancy's e-mail too long (but not quite long enough to have fallen victim to the Edga Jr. second-paragraph filter), he shortens it by hiding most of it with correction fluid. Before he can reply to the shortened e-mail, however, he is interrupted by Homestar, who is wearing Daisy Dukes, which have the ability to shine and which Homestar believes will get him light globes. Strong Bad starts to talk about Homestar's lack of pants (the Daisy Dukes aside); Homestar insists that he does wear long pants, but Strong Bad thinks that Homestar just has blue soles glued to his feet. Homestar then freaks out, repeatedly saying he wears long pants, and even somehow warping around the computer room, including on the Lappy 486's screen (in Atari 2600 form). He then runs away, leaving behind the Daisy Dukes, which The Cheat burns with the BMW lighter. Strong Bad has another issue, though: the correction fluid, which he is unable to get off the Lappy's screen. Marzipan then shares with Homestar the issue of how everyone thinks she's a broom. In email thunder, the 200th e-mail special, Homestar claims that this e-mail coincided with a Hremail and that the reason for going crazy was because he took some of Strong Sad's pills. watch (more...)

[edit] lunch special

"Aren't you a duck anyways?"

In lunch special, the 102nd Strong Bad Email, someone Larry Pat offers to show Strong Bad a picture of a hot girl if he can get Bubs to give out free lunch specials. Strong Bad says that Bubs has to give out free lunch specials if someone has him say his name backwards minus the first "b" ("Sbu"). Strong Bad attempts to have Bubs read a sign with "sbu" written on it, but The Cheat has instead written "DUCK A L'ORANGE" on it. In his second attempt, Strong Bad has Bubs say his name into a portable mirror, but this attempt fails as well. Coach Z is then seen ordering a lunch special, but is interrupted by Strong Bad, who, for his third attempt, floods out the concession stand until Bubs says "Sbu". Bubs finally says it, but instead of giving out a free lunch special, he claims that he had the ability to fly until having said it. Strong Bad then waits for a picture of a hot girl to appear on the Compy 386's screen, but instead gets an e-mail from Strong Mad, with an attachment of an MS Paint picture of a Brontosaurus eating breakfast; though not exactly what he wanted, Strong Bad still accepts it. Strong Bad must have gone back on his earlier promise, however, as The Cheat is then seen lounging in the fully-flooded concession stand. Bubs also demonstrates his supposed former power, although Homestar Runner claims that he is just using strings. watch (more...)

[edit] lures and jigs

"Come on and get in the boat, fish fish!"

In lures & jigs, the 44th Strong Bad Email, David Jacobus from Astoria, NY asks Strong Bad about lures or jigs that he does to attract the fish whenever he goes fishing. Cut to Strong Bad and Coach Z who are fishing from a boat in the middle of a lake. Strong Bad tries his lure, which is telling the fish that there is a keg of worms in the boat, but fails. He then tries a jig, which is a hip-swivelling dance accompanied by a song that actually causes some fish to jump into the boat. Back at the Compy 386, Strong Bad admits he doesn't really know much about fishing, but that a similar jig might also attract ladies. Strong Bad, struggling as to whether he knows anything about the ladies either, then runs off. The viewer can then play Fishing Challenge '91, in which Strong Bad does the same lure and jig to attract fish, and is also accompanied by commentary about how good he finds the graphics. Strong Bad's jig bears a striking resemblance to the Caramelldansen Internet meme that was started about four years after this email was released. watch (more...)

[edit] Make-O Your Own Stinko

Title screen.

Make-O Your Own Stinko(man) Sprite Comic Generator was originally an Easter egg found in web comics. You can create your own Stinkoman 20X6-themed comic (titled "Stinkoman Sunday Fun Talk") just like "Stonk Bad", by selecting from numerous characters, objects, and backgrounds from the game of the same name in up to four panels. The backgrounds that can be used are from Level 1 (Go Home), Level 2 (Pick a Bone), Level 4 (Fisticuff), Level 5 (Oh the Moon), Level 6 (Stratosfear), Level 7 (Ice 2 Meet U), and Level 9 (Turbolence) respectively. play (more...)

[edit] making out

Strong Bad is the Love Doctor

In making out, the 5th Strong Bad Email, "Kisless in Santa Rosa" asks Strong Bad how she can get her boyfriend to make out with her. He advises against "the whole Peter Frampton thang", and suggests that she waits until her boyfriend comes home, lights a few candles, has a glass of wine, and puts on Strong Bad's hit single "You're Really Ugly (But There's Nobody Cute Around)". Strong Bad then says that "Kissless"'s boyfriend will be "all over [her] like The King of Town on a Chinese buffet". This is also one of very few emails in which the page title is not the name of the computer Strong Bad is using or a variant of it. watch (more...)

[edit] marzipan

"Say you like me."

In marzipan, the 59th Strong Bad Email, Emily C. from Ohio asks Strong Bad why, if he is popular with the ladies, he is never seen near any, with the exception of Marzipan, who doesn't like him much. Strong Bad insists that Marzipan actually does like him, as he is interrupted by several instant message windows while replying. He then goes to see Marzipan, who is playing on Carol and singing a song that insults Strong Bad. After several attemps to get her to say that she likes him, Strong Bad then asks Marzipan if she "[doesn't] not dislike not [him]". Marzipan says "I guess," and Strong Bad gets excited, believing Marzipan said what he wanted her to say. The Cheat later makes a Powered by The Cheat music video about Marzipan's song. Said song was later included on the Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits CD. watch (more...)

[edit] mascot

"Get yer head in the game, The Chort!"

In mascot, the 73rd Strong Bad Email, Ike asks Strong Bad if Crazy Go Nuts University has a mascot or a sports team. He says that the sports team, the Dumples, aka the Golf Club Team, plays sport by hitting old electronics with a golf club. The only known member of the team, however, is The Cheat. The mascot is The Jolly Dumple, an anthropomorphic dumpling. Strong Bad shows the viewers one win for the Dumples, and Homestar Runner is shown in the Jolly Dumple costume and dances to CGNU's fight song. Strong Bad then says that there is an upcoming game in which it is implied the opponent is Homestar. Strong Bad then gets the "team" fruit smoothies that he'd promised "them" if "they" won the game, and the Compy 386 then plays the CGNU fight song. As an Easter egg, the notes can be rolled over to be played. watch (more...)

[edit] mile

"The Cheat is a millionaire!"

In mile, the 87th Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad once again takes the week off of checking e-mails (after having done so just nine e-mails earlier), so The Cheat makes a Powered by The Cheat Strong Bad Email. The e-mail, from Seb, The Lodge, Minnesota, asks Strong Bad if he can run a mile. Strong Bad then does cartwheels for a mile, all the while being praised by the Powered by The Cheat versions of Bubs, Marzipan, Homestar Runner, and Coach Z. The Cheat, being the vain guy that he is, then inserts himself into his cartoon, where he gets a parade honouring him. To date, this is the only e-mail that The Brothers Chaps have explicitly stated that they made up and was not sent by a real fan. It also holds the distinction of being classified as both a Strong Bad Email and a Powered by The Cheat toon. watch (more...)

[edit] monster truck


In monster truck, the 61st Strong Bad Email, Stan and Loretta ask Strong Bad if he does commercials for monster truck shows. He states that he has done one for Awexome Cross '98, an upcoming monster truck show in Strong Badia. In this event, The Cheat rides inside the tire and jumps over the King of Town, who is eating a cardboard box covered in syrup, Strong Mad smashes Marzipan's guitar Carol over Homestar Runner's head, and The Poopsmith lights smoke bombs. Strong Bad states that adults can enter for 5 dollars, but children and old people can only enter if they give him a bucket of fried chicken. Limozeen performs after the show with Because, It's Midnite. The Cheat's act was made into a game; this game is the first mention of Videlectrix. Also, this is the first e-mail in which the King of Town speaks and the Poopsmith personally appears (coincidentally, their half-hearted appearances were also in the same e-mail). watch (more...)

[edit] monument

"On a massive scale that would rival the Aztecs and their...techno-chocolate land."

In monument, the 97th Strong Bad Email, Kaitlin G. asks Strong Bad to build a monument of himself since he's so cool. Strong Bad states that he has tried to build one that would "rival the Aztecs and their techno-chocolate-land". However, he stopped at the right foot (which consists of Strong Badia's Stop Sign and Cinder Block), due to being distracted by Bubs's alter ego the Thnikkaman (who appears for the first time in this e-mail). Strong Bad then sings a "Technochocolate" song (accompanied by the lightswitch raves effect from techno), and Homestar Runner tries to wear pants, but himself gets distracted by the Thnikkaman. Technochocolate went on to become the name of Free Country, USA's nightclub. watch (more...)

[edit] morning routine

"So I got a lot of eggs, and I keep them in the couch."

In morning routine, the 54th Strong Bad Email, Mike S. asks Strong Bad about his morning routine. Strong Bad is then seen lying on the couch, and is woken up by Strong Sad. Strong Bad then reads Mike's e-mail again. Strong Bad then tries to say what the "r" in "routine" stands for, but is interrupted three times by Strong Sad, who points out the various eggs that Strong Bad has kept in the couch. This e-mail is also a rare instance of the usually-insperable Strong Mad and The Cheat in conflict, since The Cheat has stolen Strong Mad's underwear, sending Strong Mad into hot pursuit. This is also the first appearance of Potate-brand chips and the first instance of Strong Bad mumbling the name of a Super NES-era game in his sleep. Also, yet another egg is found inside the couch in Rotten Eggs, which was released over five years later. watch (more...)

[edit] new hands

"I am still awesome!"

In new hands, the 47th Strong Bad Email, Ryan from Toronto asks Strong Bad what he would replace his hands with if they were cut off at the wrist and could not be replaced with prosthetic hands. He states that his right hand would be a bucket, for dumping oatmeal on stuff, washing The Cheat, dropping the occasional beat (this is accompanied by Coach Z singing "These peoples tried to fade me"), and sitting on when he gets tired. Strong Bad then states that his left hand would be a bullhorn, for making important announcements. Back at the Compy 386, Strong Bad says that everyone was probably expecting a guitar and a lazor gun, then feels ashamed with himself for not imagining his hands as those two things. In an Easter egg, his hands can be changed into several different items. And although this email was not a fan favourite, it did inspire several later works: Coach Z would later sing These peoples try to fade me in his character video and a scroll button song, and it also became a song on the Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits CD; the bucket- and bullhorn-handed Strong Bad became one of the Set Two figurines; and in strong badathlon, one of the events is "probably something with guitars, lasers, robots, and hot girls"; also, in a Powered by The Cheat segment in the same e-mail, Strong Bad has laser hands resembling the one he has in the Easter egg in this e-mail. watch (more...)

[edit] no loafing

"Get back to work!"

In no loafing, the 86th Strong Bad Email, Ryan from Colorado asks Strong Bad about the No Loafing sign. Strong Bad then explains the supposed history of the sign: in 1987, when productivity was bad, he put the sign up to increase productivity. But since it has been a long time, he has put up numerous inspirational posters, which inspire Strong Mad and The Cheat to beat up a muffler. Strong Bad then feels like he deserves a huge but cheap lunch special from Bubs; after this, he proceeds to give Strong Sad an "appointment" of jumping on him and saying he hates him. The lunch special statement was the inspiration for an eponymous later Strong Bad Email. This is also the first mention of the name "Mendelev", which would later become the name of a character in Peasant's Quest. watch (more...)

[edit] old comics

"It was called 'The Castlefunnies', which I guess was a pathetic attempt by the authors into fooling you into thinking it was actually funny."

In old comics, the 112th Strong Bad Email, Zack from West Islip asks Strong Bad why The King of Town has a Poopsmith. After playing the West Is Lip song "She Partied Without Dancing", Strong Bad shows an old comic strip called The Castlefunnies, which, despite the name, lacks humour and is aimed at old people. The comic mostly consists of random complaints by The King of Town to either the reader or The Poopsmith, who is known as "Mushy Chamberpot" and speaks in commas. Later strips have Strong Bad and Homestar Runner thrown in. The comic was cancelled when the last living reader, a Civil War veteran and creamed corn enthusiast, died. The comic, however, tried to revive itself with the release of the King Castlefunny Pencil Moistener, but the "Dry Pencil Scare of '47" only lasted three days. Strong Bad then starts the "Who Put Pasta Salad in Strong Mad's Underdrawer Drawer Scare of '04", but Strong Mad just eats the pasta salad, finding it to taste so good. watch (more...)

[edit] origins

"And bread... is a good time for me, woo-doo-doo-loot-doo!"

In origins, the 123rd Strong Bad Email, Luke from Eau Claire asks Strong Bad about the origins of The Stick. After comparing the origins of The Stick to how Strong Sad got his belly button which, as implied, was with a drill Strong Bad got for his birthday when he was a kid, and to the origin of Bubs' Concession Stand (which is done in the style of the original Homestar Runner book, and consists of the stand crushing Mr. Bland and Señor), Strong Bad refuses to talk about the origins of The Stick, and instead describes its "hangingoutitude". According to Strong Bad, the hangingoutitude was at its lowest when Homestar Runner had his bread sing-alongs, but that was fixed when he was whipped by The Cheat. The Stick was then used as a place where Strong Bad, Strong Mad, and The Cheat spray-painted Marzipan. Marzipan and Homsar where then super-glued to each other near The Stick, then Strong Bad and his cronies relocated to behind the concession stand and called themselves the On Point Kings, doing stuff like threatening Strong Sad and stealing The King of Town's dunce cap. watch (more..)

[edit] other days

"That's pretty much my week."

In other days, the 111th Strong Bad Email, Brian Holmes asks Strong Bad what he does on the other days of the week. Apart from Monday, when he checks his e-mails, his weekly routine goes as such:

  • On Tuesday, he checks his "snail mail", which is basically just letters he gets in his letterbox. In this case, he gets a threatening message from Bubs, which he just burns with the BMW lighter.
  • On Wednesday, he does motivational lectures in the classroom; in this case, he encourages Strong Mad and Coach Z to make piemonade.
  • On Thursday, due to community service, he and The Cheat clean up Strong Badia.
  • On Friday, which he refers to as "Business Casual Friday" (or "Biz Cas Fri" for short), he works at the office.
  • On Saturday, he has swim practice, but he insists that he doesn't, and instead does battle-axe lessons with Dolph Hauldhagen.
  • On Sunday, he checks e-mails from Eastern Europe on the Block; in this case, Janus from Poland asks him to untie the shoelace on the back of his head.

Biz Cas Fri went on to be a trilogy of Puppet Stuff toons. watch (more...)

[edit] part-time job

"It's a great day at Bubs' Concession Stand!"

In part-time job, the 121st Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad tests the Lappy 486's battery capabilities by checking his e-mail in the kitchen of Marzipan's house. The e-mail, from Hunter, asks him if he does anything besides checking e-mails. After saying that he does several things, he then says he has a "part-part-part-very-part-time job", to which he is 15 minutes late. Before he can go, though, Homestar Runner comes into the kitchen, so Strong Bad has The Cheat distract Homestar by being a performer called Tito. Bubs criticises Strong Bad for being late for his job, which is dressing up as a tragic clown dog and advertising Bubs' Concession Stand, as well as having expensive pictures taken with customers. Because the Lappy is nearly out of power, he quickly escapes from his job, then is about to finish replying to the e-mail when the Lappy turns off. He finishes the e-mail by sticking a sticky note to Marzipan's microwave (it must be clicked to make The Paper come down). Later, Strong Bad and Bubs perform a play entitled Dreamaway Johnny. watch (more...)

[edit] personal favourites

"Clear the launchway, man! We're takin' this baby to the MOOOOOOON!!"

In personal favorites, the 69th Strong Bad Email, HockeymanJ05 asks Strong Bad which are his favorite e-mails. A few of the favorite e-mails include the one where they asked what Strong Bad would do if he was invis-able, and he got to punch Homestar in the gut; the one where Strong Bad's computer exploded; and the one where Strong Bad left such a good prank call on Marzipan's answering machine that it exploded. Despite the explosion of Marzipan's original answering machine, it appears unharmed in Marzipan's Answering Machine Version 8.0, which was released shortly after this e-mail, and, coincidentally, also contains an appearance by the Grape-Nuts Robot. This presumably confirms the existence of the Grape-Nuts Robot e-mail, but denies the existence of the answering machine e-mail. However, the answering machine is indeed replaced by the PhoneTime XL8 in the immediately following installment of Marzipan's Answering Machine. watch (more...)

[edit] pizzaz

"Gumption, gum, and gargle. Minty gargle."

In pizzaz, the 113th Strong Bad Email, Ryan N. asks Strong Bad about the secret to his pizzazz. Strong Bad then decides to interview himself on the Strong Bad-Type Interview Progrum. His clone wears a captain's hat. Instead of asking "himself" why he is cool, Strong Bad asks his clone why he is wearing a captain's hat. His clone eventually throws a fit and destroys the camera. Strong Bad then persuades his clone for a second interview, this time behind the fence in Strong Badia, where he asks "himself" about the secret to his pizzazz, and his clone mentions the three G's: gum, gumption, and minty gargle. The Cheat then passes by, but his head explodes from seeing two Strong Bads. Strong Bad later presumably interviews Biscuitdoughhandsman (who, incidentally, started out as a misinterpretation of his description). watch (more...)

[edit] pom pom

"All right, Led Zeppelin! Let's get this settled once and for all!"

In pom pom, the 108th Strong Bad Email, Kevin asks Strong Bad what would happen if he poked Pom Pom with a pin, and states he hasn't seen Pom Pom in a while (a possible reference to the fact that he appears less often in newer toons than older ones). Strong Bad finds it a good idea, but to "raise the stakes a little bit", he decides to do it blindfolded. While Homestar Runner and Coach Z are having a discussion about a website, Strong Bad interrupts the conversaion by accidentally poking Homestar in the face. Despite this, Homestar helps Strong Bad find Pom Pom, who is filming a documentary about Bubs at his concession stand. Strong Bad interrupts the filming, and tries to poke Pom Pom with the pin, but is instead beaten up and sent flying by Pom Pom and charged by Bubs. By chance, Strong Bad lands back in the computer room, and because he was blindfolded, he does not realise that he was beaten up, and thinks he actually did kill Pom Pom, and so starts to feel upset and writes to Pom Pom's parents about it. Later on, he plays cards with Bubs; among the characters represented on the cards are Abdi Larue (who sent the first Strong Bad Email), Viklas (who sent little questions), and Monkeydude. watch (more..)

[edit] privileges

"...and thanks for all the privaleges... I guess."

In privileges, the 74th Strong Bad Email, Crazyclemens asks Strong Bad if he should give The Cheat more "privaleges" [sic]. Luckily, The Cheat needs only one more point to become a "Medallion Gold Plus Club" member, so he drills Strong Sad in the face and hands. After giving The Cheat the point, Strong Bad shows the various privileges The Cheat has just gotten, including, but not limited to: lying in a crisper drawer, choosing pizza toppings, and using the TV remote's mute button. Cut to The Cheat watching a psycho truck movie in the basement, while lying in the crisper drawer and repeatedly muting and unmuting the TV. Homestar Runner comes in with a pizza The Cheat ordered, and tries to sell his subscriptions to the Fretmagic magazine; The Cheat burns Homestar's magazines with the BMW lighter. This e-mail is the first time a member of Limozeen is named: an article from one of Homestar's magazines mentions the impossible "Hardest Chord Ever", performed by Gary Palaroncini. Also, for some reason, this e-mail failed to work on a version of Flash Player released nearly seven years after it was. watch (more..)

[edit] property of ones

"The ONEitude is directly proportional to the COLDitude of the ONE."

In property of ones, the 39th Strong Bad Email, Dan Waters from Dallas, Texas tells Strong Bad that he drank "a one that was not cold", and asks Strong Bad if that has happened to him. Strong Bad proceeds to explain the "Property of Ones", one of his bogus mathematical theorems. "The ONEitude is directly proportional to the COLDitude of the ONE. ...The colder it is, the more of a one it is. Because you don't want to end up with a Cold None." Strong Bad then mentions several other brands of Cold Ones: "Not So Cold Ones", "Room Temp-a-Ture Ones", "Wärm Önes", "CUH-HOLD ONES", and "Cool Ones". The email ends with a needlepoint picture of several Cold Ones and the caption "A One That Isn't Cold, Is Scarcely A One At All". This is also the last Strong Bad Email in a long time to lack any Easter eggs; the next one, bottom 10, was released nearly three years later (Strong Bad actually acknowledges the lack of Easter eggs in that email). watch (more...)

[edit] radio

"Hey, hey, HEY! It's the Deathly Pallor!"

In radio, the 120th Strong Bad Email, Fraser from Scotland asks Strong Bad what his friends, who are radio hosts, should say or do on their show. First of all, he states that they should look nothing like how they sound; to demonstrate, Strong Sad is forced to act like a radio host (he calls himself "the Deathly Pallor" and calls his radio station "The Sturge") and speak in a different voice. Strong Bad then runs the test sentence "The fish was delish, and it made quite a dish" through various genres of radio: public radio, the drive-time morning show, and college radio. Strong Bad then shows old-timey radio, just in case Fraser's friends are stuck in the past, with Old-Timey Strong Bad parodying his modern counterpart's test sentence. watch (more...)

[edit] rampage

"I'm on a rampage!"

In rampage, the 128th Strong Bad Email Peter Comma tells Strong Bad that it's been a long time since he's been on a rampage. Strong Bad then says that that he has been on several rampages recently: a reading rampage with Strong Mad, a regal rampage in which he tries to bequeath The King of Town, and a legal rempage with Homestar Runner. He then states that he always goes on lyrical rampages with Coach Z; in this case, while Coach Z sings, and The Cheat plays music on a record player, Strong Bad repeats the words "I'm on a rampage". Strong Sad then comes up to criticise Strong Bad's rampage and make up one of his own, but he is just laughed off the stage, and instead performs his rampage at his "Poetry Slam" at the site of Bubs' Ha-Ha-Halloween Comedy Club, with an "audience" of Marzipan and Homsar. In an Easter egg, another "rampage" is shown: a parody of the video game Rampage. watch (more...)

[edit] replacement

"Let's hear your best 'deleted'."

In replacement, the 105th Strong Bad Email, Jeffrey Desterhoft asks Strong Bad who will take his place when he retires. Strong Bad wonders about this, too; however, he temporarily goes slightly off-topic and has The Cheat help him find a throne and a motorcycle that he lost. Strong Bad then states that he would find the best replacement via a screening process. First, he has Homestar Runner read cue cards that have unusual names written on them, but Homestar just says "Crapface" for each one. Next, Strong Bad has Coach Z show him "[his] best deleted". Because of his accent, Coach Z says "Delorted!" and the Compy 386 somehow displays this word and plays a distorted version of the Deleted buzzer. He then has Bubs kick a cardboard box with Strong Sad drawn on it, but Bubs instead tries to kick Strong Bad. Next, Strong Bad has Marzipan sing a suitable scroll buttons song, but Strong Bad dislikes both of her attempts. He then does the Strong Sad test again, but this time on Strong Sad himself, who states he would perform acts of kindness for "himself". Last but not least, he has Homestar try to kick The Cheat (who is hiding in a cardboard box), but before he can bring himself to do it, he just says "Crapface" again. Because of all these failures, Strong Bad then holds a dance contest. Marzipan, Coach Z, Strong Sad, Bubs, Strong Mad, and Homsar perform various dance moves, while Homestar sings a dramatic song. Strong Bad dislikes the dance moves, however, so he concludes that he will be "checking e-mails and kicking Cheats until the day [he dies]". Also, despite Strong Bad's dislike of Marzipan's attempts at scroll buttons songs, one of them later became an actual scroll button song. watch (more...)

[edit] sbemail22

"Oh, I'll tell you what I think of the English!"

Strong Bad Email's unusual 22nd installment has no official name. In this e-mail, Mark from England asks Strong Bad what he thinks of the English. After remarking that Mark should "have an unnecessary vowel at the end of [his] name", and that the "Thank you" should be "Cheers", "Cheerio", or "Nevermind the Bollocks", Strong Bad starts to explain what he thinks of the English, but is interrupted by a sign stating that the e-mail is banned in the United Kingdom. An Easter egg states that, apart from what Strong Bad presumably said about the English, the reason for this banning is because of a visit Strong Bad and The Cheat paid to the United Kingdom, where Strong Bad just says "Screw all y'all" to a crowd. Although this is the 22nd Strong Bad Email, it was released not after cartoon but after vacation; for this reason, it is also known as "The Lost Email", and is probably the reason why it has no official name and, combined with the in-toon events, why it was banned in the UK. Not counting Easter eggs, it is also the shortest Strong Bad Email, at 0:33. watch (more...)

[edit] Schenectady Crispies

"Schenectady Crispies are so freaking good, they taste twice! Once in your mouth, and once in your esophagus!"
Schenectady Crispies is a breakfast cereal that contains "mad chunks of real dough". They debuted as an Easter egg in the Strong Bad Email labor day, but they later appeared in the email the bet, where it is shown that The King of Town likes them, as they are seen stored in his castle. They were named after the sender of the email labor day, who went by the name "Chrispy" and hailed from Schenectady, NY. The slogan used in the commercial Easter Egg in labor day, "I hope I don't get caught!" is likely a reference to cereal commercials that feature a character trying to steal the cereal being advertised, such as Trix and Fruity Pebbles. Strong Bad later endorses Temporarios cereal in much the same way that he advertised Schenectady Crispies in labor day, even employing the same background music, in the email strong badathlon. (more...)

[edit] Scroll Button Songs

"I'm always late for school 'cause your moms drive slow! Ooooooooooooh!"

The Scroll Button Song is the song that Strong Bad sings on the Strong Bad Email menu page. The trend started sometime around the release of band names, with the first song being "Ooh, fancy new scroll buttons". Since then, the song has changed at random intervals, from weeks to months; the current song, which refences Strong Bad's newest computer, the Compé, has been as such since August 2009. Interestingly, one of the songs, which was used from June to September 2005, was sung by Marzipan in the email replacement, and Strong Bad called it the worst song he ever heard. A collection of the scroll button songs (from "Ooh, fancy new scroll buttons" to "Huzzah, on the mic...") was included on strongbad_email.exe Disc One. listen to the current scroll button song (more...)

[edit] secret recipes

"I think I'm gonna puke my pants!"

In secret recipes, the 124th Strong Bad Email, Melissa and Hillary from New Jersey Nigeria ask Strong Bad if he has any secret family recipes, since they want to be chefs when they grow up. Strong Bad states that his recipes rely on grossing out friends and well-wishers. He and The Cheat then start off with "Great Uncle Pawdabber's Pre-tend Ice Cream Showdown", which is a bowl of sour cream with The Cheat fur, which they test on Coach Z, who accepts it because he can't afford "the money-cost variety". The Cheat takes of a towel that he's been wearing, showing he has been shaved from the waist down, while Coach Z feels like he's about to puke his pants. Strong Bad then tries "Crazy Aunt Eulatherm's Deodorant Doppelganger", which is a Speed Stick deodorant can filled with white chocolate, which he plans to eat in front of The King of Town, but because of The King of Town's tendency to eat non-food items himself, it doesn't work. Homestar Runner then tries a bowl of the Pre-tend Ice Cream Showdown, but when he finds out what it is, he uses one of his own secret recipes on Strong Bad: his "Stupid Uncle Egg's Goodtime Diaper Pie", which is a pinecone with a straw sticking out of it. Strong Bad does not fall for it, however, and Homestar ends up eating the pinecone (on a side note, The Cheat has covered his shaved area with sticky notes). Strong Bad then mentions one more recipe: for The Cheat, which makes The Cheat angry; to cover it up, Strong Bad instead says that it is for the "Chekt", and pretends he's from a made-up country called "Bumdumbourge", where he lived with his "poopaw". This is also the first appearance of the TV show Caleb Rentpayer. watch (more...)

[edit] sibbie

"I freakin' hate Sibbie!!"

In sibbie, the 76th Strong Bad Email, Sibbie tells Strong Bad that he should write a song about him, since he had previously wrote a song about Fhqwhgads. He compliments Sibbie on spelling "Fhqwhgads" correctly, but refuses to write a song about him. However, while making this statement, The Cheat plays a beat on his keyboard, causing a song about Sibbie to have been written. Strong Bad tries to get his mind off of this, though, and watches a TV show about a guy being embarrassed. Strong Bad's unintentionally-written song must have quickly become a hit on the Internet, though, as Strong Sad comes in, listening to it on his iPod and singing it, having downloaded it shortly after it was unintentionally written. Strong Bad escapes yet again, and finds Homestar Runner listening to the unintentionally-written song on his radio. After finding out that he had apparently unintentionally wrote another song about Sibbie, Strong Bad freaks out and severely damages the radio, but Homestar just thanks him, having "just about had it with that talking toaster". Strong Bad then tries to teach Homestar and Coach Z how to say "Fhqwhgads", but they both fail, the former due to his stupidity and the latter due to his accent. Strong Mad then says "Douglas", but Strong Bad congratulates him due to having tried to get him to say it in a previous e-mail. watch (more...)

[edit] Snowglobe

"Happy Decemberween, peasant."

Snowglobe, released on December 16, 2004, is a Peasant's Quest-style Decemberween toon. Rather Dashing walks up to his burninated cottage, where he finds a snowglobe as a Decemberween present. The snowglobe depicts Trogdor burninating Peasantry and several of its inhabitants. The snowglobe can be shook; the viewer is timed for how long they shake the snowglobe; if they do so for two whole minutes, they get a message from Trogdor himself. watch (more...)

[edit] stand-up

"Oh no!"

In stand-up, the 18thth Strong Bad Email, Joe P. asks Strong Bad if he has ever done any "stand up comidic [sic] stuff". Just before leaving, Strong Bad insists that he hasn't, but Strong Sad proves otherwise. Strong Sad inserts an old video into the VCR in his room; the video starts off with a younger Coach Z at a show congratulating Marzipan on "her wonderful clogging". The show's next contestant is Lil' Strong Bad, who struggles with jokes, but still makes the audience laugh; his first joke is about a piece of cafeteria food being cardboard or pizza, and his second joke is about the hair Coach Z had at the time. His pants then fall, causing the audience to laugh harder; embarrassed, he tries to run off the stage, but falls just as he reaches the edge. watch (more...)

[edit] studying

"You keep studying, Roy. I'm going over to your girlfriend's house."

In studying, the 17th Strong Bad Email, Roy asks Strong Bad what he should do whenever his girlfriend calls him while he is studying. Strong Bad suggests that Roy should "close the book and quit being such a dork-on", because his girlfriend "obviously has the hots for [him]". However, he lets it slide if the book Roy is studying happens to be called "This Book is Better than 1st, 2nd, and Quite Possibly Even 3rd Base". Strong Bad then decides to take back his suggestions, and goes over to Roy's girlfriend's house, but immediately comes back, not knowing her name or where she lives. The email contains a link to; specifically, a page about the book Strong Bad wants Roy to study; this page is the first mention of the recurring author Lem Sportsinterviews. This is also the first e-mail in which the then-untitled Geddup Noise is heard (though a previous e-mail contained a similar sound). watch (more...)

[edit] stunt double

"Sounds Dangeresque..."

In stunt double, the 80th Strong Bad Email, Louis asks Strong Bad if he uses a stunt double. Strong Bad then shows clips from his new movie: Dangeresque 2: This Time, It's Not Dangeresque 1. And so, the Strong Bad Email spin-off Dangeresque is born. In the Dangeresque movie, Strong Bad plays Dangeresque, Coach Z plays Renaldo, Strong Sad is forced to be a stunt double, Strong Mad plays himself, Homestar Runner is just a guy in the background, Bubs plays the villain Baron Darin Diamonocle, The Cheat is his pet, and Marzipan plays Cutesy Buttons. As far as the plot goes, Dangeresque must find a missing tape. After the clips, Strong Bad mentions the sequel: Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective, which will be made in June 2004 in 3D, followed by a 3D effect. In that very month, the email dangeresque 3 was released, which asks when Dangeresque 3 is coming out, but it's still being made and Strong Bad just shows the prequel: Dangeresque 1: Dangeresque, Too?. However, over five years after this email, Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective was finally released as an episode of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, and six years after this e-mail, parts of it were made in 3D, as promised. watch (more...)

[edit] stupid stuff

"Science again! I said science again!"

In stupid stuff, the 98th Strong Bad Email, Kevin Grumbles asks Strong Bad to get Homestar Runner to say something stupid. But since Homestar always says stupid stuff, Strong Bad instead gets him to say something smart, in exchange for some Grumblecakes. Homestar then comes in. After several unsuccessful attempts to get Homestar to say something smart, at one point even having him put on a lab coat to "add to the illusion", Strong Bad then himself asks a stupid question. However, this is what Homestar was expecting, so he wins the bet, causing Strong Bad to wish ill on Kevin Grumbles. The Cheat then tries to make Strong Bad feel better by offering him some of his own cakes, but Strong Bad refuses. However, he feels guilty about this decision, so much that he considers redoing this e-mail in do over. watch (more...)

[edit] sugarbob

Strong Bad is popular with the ladies.

In sugarbob, the 31st Strong Bad Email, Daniel tells Strong Bad that his girlfriend has broken up with him in favour of Strong Bad. After a lesson regarding typing in all-caps (due to that being the way Daniel's e-mail is written), Strong Bad tells Daniel's girlfriend that he is taken by several other ladies. He demonstrates this by typing several Internet Slang-style messages in different fonts and colors, and before he leaves, he tells Daniel that he should buy her some stuff and start working out just in case. The commentary for the DVD version consists of Marzipan singing a song about "Sugarbob", the nickname Strong Bad gives Daniel's girlfriend. watch (more...)

[edit] suntan

"Strong Bad, how long have you been laying here?"

In suntan, the 77th Strong Bad Email, Meg compliments Strong Bad on how he looked as a Japanese cartoon, then tells him he should get a suntan so he can look better. He decides to do so, what with the summer coming up, and knowing it will help his abdominal muscles and his "cloits". Strong Bad sunbathes in the middle of the field, while The King of Town steals his animal fat and cocoa butter. After six to eight hours, Marzipan tries to give him advice, as well as point out his mistakes, including drawing fake abdominal muscles on his chest. Strong Bad then gets an idea: he advertises the Ab-Abber 2000, with which people draw fake abdominal muscles on their chest, with Strong Sad forced to be a spokesperson due to Strong Bad having stolen his stuffed lobster Gooblies. Homsar also tries the Ab-Abber 2000, but not in the intended way. This e-mail is also the first use of the term "all up ons". watch (more...)

[edit] super powers

"Once again, I point the blame squarely at tight pants."

In super powers, the 25th Strong Bad Email, Aaron C. asks Strong Bad if the blue diamond on his forehead is the source of a super power. Strong Bad states that it is; he picks up a Cold One and tenses with the diamond glowing; this eventually causes the bottle cap to come off. Having only tested the power on Cold Ones, Strong Bad then gets an idea; he goes to Coach Z's locker room, where Coach Z and Homestar Runner are having a conversation about tight pants; Strong Bad interrupts the conversation by using his power to make Homestar's hat fall off his head three times. Interestingly, Strong Bad has not used this power since this e-mail. This is also the first e-mail in which the modern-day Coach Z appears, and despite lacking popularity, it somehow became April's featured e-mail on the 2011 Calendar. watch (more...)

[edit] superhero name

"STINY! Get me a Danish!"

In superhero name, the 29th Strong Bad Email, Stiny asks Strong Bad why his name doesn't end with "man". Strong Bad instead makes fun of Stiny's name, thinking he should be a supervillain's sidekick. And so, the Strong Bad Email spin-off Strong Badman is born. In sample strips from Strong Badman, the titular character tells Stiny to get him a Danish pastry and also asks him who spilled coffee all over his plans for his death ray. Strong Bad himself, however, says that he will change his name to Strong Badman if the real Stiny agrees to be his sidekick; however, The Cheat shows up in a costume and thinks Strong Bad is betraying him; despite assuring him that that's not the case, The Cheat just walks away. Instead of The Paper, the link to e-mail Strong Bad is a piece of text at the bottom of the first issue of Strong Badman. watch (more...)

[edit] The Announcer

The Announcer

The Announcer's name tells all, as he serves as an announcer or host wherever one is needed. He doesn't really let his personality show through, so we know little of him as a character, except that he does seem to be eager to do his job. He first appeared in the original Homestar Runner children's book, and hasn't really changed much since then. While he rarely actually appears on-screen, his voice (earnest and mostly British) is used all the time. He has a monocle and a mustache, and resembles the members of The Barbershop Trio. (more...)

[edit] the basics

Strong Bad runs us through the basics.

In the basics, the 15th Strong Bad Email, T.J. asks Strong Bad to "teach [him] some of [his] trick's [sic]". He then teaches the basics which include saying yes when asked if you're listening to somebody, but you're not really listening, telling somebody to look over there and if they do look, you pour Coke down their shirt, and bet a hundred "bucks" to somebody and if you win, you give them a hundred kicks in the butt. Strong Bad then says that since everyone has their own tastes, T.J. should "develop [his] own style". Ironically, despite this e-mail's lack of activity or popularity, Strong Bad says in a later email that it is his favourite one. watch (more...)

[edit] the bet

"Yep, I'm cool."

In the bet, the 95th Strong Bad Email, Chris Ann asks Strong Bad if he has ever gone to The King of Town's castle for dinner. He states that he once did so due to a bet he lost with Homestar Runner about being cool. At first, Strong Bad is frustrated, due to his hatred for the King and the lack of good video games, but he finds it enjoyable when he gets to eat ice cream, put mayonnaise in the King's vents, and drop a video game stand on the King. The King then does an advertisement for Butter-da, which, despite not actually being a food, he enjoys because it has "butter" in its name. The Geddup Noise is also named for the first time, but just as the generic term "the get up noise". watch (more...)

[edit] the bird

"Pssshhh! The Double Deuce!"

the bird, the 24th Strong Bad Email, starts off with Strong Bad and Pom Pom at The Stick sharing a joke. Strong Bad checks his e-mail on Pom Pom's Pom Pilot. The e-mail, from Phylo D., asks him if it is hard to flip someone off with boxing gloves on. Despite his lack of visible fingers, he does a finger gesture in several directions, then finishes off with the Double Deuce. Pom Pom also presumably does a finger gesture, as does Homestar Runner, despite completely lacking visible arms. This is also the first Strong Bad Email in which Pom Pom appears. watch (more...)

[edit] The Brothers Chaps' Fansite Acknowledgements

"The Homestar Wiki is such an insanely detailed knowledge base about all things Homestar that it has a whole section devoted to 'GOOGLY-EYED OBJECTS'!"

The Brothers Chaps have publically acknowledged many Homestar Runner fansites, especially the Homestar Runner Wiki. They have been known to drop by when fansites are celebrating anniversaries or other special occasions, and their messages are generally very positive and appreciative. They reference the Wiki in several of their DVD commentaries, including articles (such as Fat Bluebird, Be's, Hammerspace, and Disconnected Telephones) and the fact that they gave the Visor Robot that name after the Wiki colloquially did so. Also, when the Quote of the Week was identical to a previous quote, they quickly changed the quote to one that a Wiki user suggested in an edit summary. But most of all, during the 2009 Fall Fundraising Drive, the Brothers Chaps added a message to the Main Pages asking fans to donate - which, incidentally, is also the first and only time the HRWiki has been publicised on Other fan sites are not without their acknowledgements either; the Brothers Chaps have sent character recordings to "" (a clone of the site from the Strong Bad Email credit card) and Burning Horizons (a former H*R fan forum). (more...)

[edit] The Cheat's Gold Tooth

"(Wanna see it? Tough! ...Okay, fine.)"

One of The Cheat's lesser known features is the large gold tooth on the right side of his mouth. It is apparently part of his physiology, according to a medical diagram of The Cheat from big white face. When he is seen grinning, his gold tooth is revealed with a "shing!" noise. In The Cheat's character video, he seems hesitant to show it, but eventually does. The Cheat also likes using gold teeth in his Powered by The Cheat animations, as shown in marzipan, Grumblecakes, and Summer Short Shorts. (more...)

[edit] the facts

"I guess if he lived in Cubeland, it might work."

In the facts, the 114th Strong Bad Email, Jess G. asks Strong Bad why Strong Mad doesn't have his own cartoon. Strong Bad goes through the facts:

1. He has "a tenuous grasp on the English language".
2. "Garbledina".
3. His square shape, which Strong Bad finds weird, but does find fitting for a place he made up called "Cubeland".
4. He yells everything he says.
5. Directional inexperience. Strong Mad has made a claymation short called Doug the Dino, which Strong Bad describes as such: "Misguided direction, no comedic timing, and the script is riddled with gaping plot holes."
6. His "computer", which is a paper bag with a monitor drawn on it (and the word "DiSK" on its "screen"), accompanied by a "floppy disk container" (which is a cardboard box with a floppy disk container, as well as the word "disks", drawn on it). Despite its obvious lack of functionality, however, Strong Mad is presumably capable of using it for "e-commerce" and "e-business".

Strong Bad then tries to review the facts, but is interrupted by Homestar Runner, who wants his own cartoon. Strong Bad finds a Homestar cartoon awful, since Homestar would just say "Seriously" and act like a moron all the time, but Homestar states that he his new catchphrase is "That's bupkis!" and that he would say that all the time. He then says, "And that's the end of my show! Donk!" to which The Paper comes down, much to Strong Bad's shock. watch (more...)

[edit] the process

"Yeeow! Hot bees!"

In the process, the 79th Strong Bad Email, Em asks Strong Bad about the process of how a Strong Bad Email is made. After warning that it spoils the magic and is not for "the faint of heart [or] the faint of butt", Strong Bad points out his e-mail intro, then how he opens the e-mail, then how he makes fun of spelling and grammar errors, then how he makes fun of the sender's name, then how he typically replies, then how some words can be clicked to "make little pictures of stuff pop up". Strong Bad then points out the cut to another scene, where another character, such as Bubs, Coach Z, or The Cheat will make an appearance. In this case, Bubs lies about how popular is with the ladies, then criticises Strong Bad's e-mail show, causing The Cheat to light Bubs's foot on fire and put his other foot in a beehive. Strong Bad then points out the cut back to the computer, where he wraps things up and waits for The Paper to come down. He then points out that after waiting 10 to 15 seconds after The Paper comes down, something else happens; in this case, Homestar Runner shows up and Strong Bad throws a discount brick at him. watch (more...)

[edit] the show

"The Poopsmith, for 500 points..."

In the show, the 66th Strong Bad Email, Tori from "Virginia and Texas, respectively" asks Strong Bad why Homestar Runner never does anything funny anymore. And so, Homestar is seen hosting The Show for the first time. His contestants are Pom Pom and The Poopsmith. After the first round, which results in both of them walking off, the commercial break contains one of Marshie's advertisements for Fluffy Puff Marshmallows. After the break, Homestar reads several cue cards, but is cut off; Strong Bad says that kicking The Cheat is much better than The Show. The Cheat is later seen with Strong Sad, who has chickenpox. watch (more...)

[edit] theme park

"*please do not bring your grandmother"

In theme park, the 104th Strong Bad Email, Rafael tells Strong Bad that he should make a theme park. Strong Bad states that he has had a theme park called Strong Bad's Mount RidesPlace! USA in development for some time now. Strong Bad claims that his theme park will have "more rides than you or your grandmother can handle". These include: a rollercoaster called the Bowels of Trogdor; Sweet Cuppin' Cakes Land, which is presumably an area for kids (or at least people The Cheat's size); "The Strong Sad Gets Decked Repeatedly Stunt Spook-tacular", in which Strong Sad is tackled by Strong Mad while wearing a witch's hat; and a throwing-rings game that has Bubs quickly changing the rules. Mount RidesPlace will also have three mascots: Stoppy the Sign, Poppy the Tire, and General Tso's Chicken. Strong Bad knows that he still has a long way to go if we wants his theme park to be built, so as an alternative, he gives tours on the RiverQuest Safariventure, which is nothing more than a cardboard box in Strong Badia with water coming out of a garden hose, with a cardboard rock and the Bear Holding a Shark as "obstacles". Strong Bad speaks in an emotionless theme park tour guide voice throughout the "ride", and Homestar Runner implies that the "ride" is worth $3000. Interestingly, The Paper comes down twice during the "ride". This is also the first appearance of Shark-Tooth Bubs. watch (more...)

[edit] theme party

"So I guess I'm goin' to this frat party."

In theme party, the 49th Strong Bad Email, Matt from Rochester, NY asks Strong Bad to come to an upcoming theme party, and about the theme of that party. Strong Bad says he doesn't want to go, but that the theme should be a "FRAT PARTY". The attendants of the party could wear baseball caps, khaki pants, and t-shirts from the previous party. The guy with long hair could play white blues on his acoustic guitar. And the attendants could get some Cold Ones and invite skinny blonde girls. Liking the sound of the party, Strong Bad then states he actually does want to go. An Easter egg contains Circles, the song from the demo tape for the party. Discounting this Easter egg, this is the shortest e-mail of the Compy 386 era, at 1:06. watch (more...)

[edit] time capsule

"Some sort of a challenge buried in the GROOOUUND??"

In time capsule, the 115th Strong Bad Email, Sam Concord compliments Strong Bad on his awesomeness, then suggests, since he will some time be long-dead, that he makes a time capsule filled with stuff about him to be opened in "X0" years. Strong Bad then states that if people make a time capsule, they make it an actual capsule that resembles medical capsules. He says that he would put a cassette tape full of his number one jams into his time capsule, so that people would go back in time and pay him royalties, as well as spit (in case people from the future can make people from spit) and dry ice (so steam comes out when the capsule is opened). He hears the doorbell, thinking it's people from the future, but it's just Homestar Runner, who wants to put a gross old wig in Strong Bad's time capsule, but then decides put it in his own time capsule (which is a Freshley's shoe box). In the 20X6 era, Stinkoman, who is digging (and eating the dirt), uncovers Strong Bad's time capsule, and eats the cassette, (believing it to be a "power crunch"), somehow causing him to bulk up. 1-Up has also uncovered Homestar's wig. Back in the present, Strong Bad desperately awaits his retroactive fame. An Easter egg reveals that the song on Strong Bad's tape is about Grumblecakes; this song would later be made into a music video on strongbad email.exe Disc Four, the same DVD that this e-mail was later re-released on. watch (more...)

[edit] trevor the vampire

"Oh, Trevor, I pine for you."

In trevor the vampire, the 10th Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad gets an email from Trevor, a vampire from Hampden, Maine. However, because the e-mail is unfinished, Strong Bad comes to the realisation that someone put a stake through his heart, killing him. Distressed, Strong Bad then shows the viewers "a few of [his] favourite Trevor memories", which are nothing more than reading parts of his e-mail. The e-mail ends with a memorial to Trevor on the Tandy 400's screen. watch (more...)

[edit] unused emails

"No, man. That's a short."

In unused emails, the 65th Strong Bad Email, Dan Chase asks Strong Bad what happens to the e-mails that he doesn't answer. Strong Bad states that he gives them to The Cheat for archiving (some unused e-mails can be read here). Sometimes, however, he gives them to Bubs for use in his "spamvertisements". Other times, he gives them to Strong Mad, who uses them as origami. And last but not least, most of the time, Strong Bad just deletes them. He demonstrates this by running towards his computer desk and dive-bombing the desk, breaking the desk in half and deleting the e-mail. Strong Bad then states that his "clavicus majorus" is broken. This line was going to be used in the unfinished toon Tis True, Pom Pom, Tis True, the unfinished portion of which would later be released on DVD. watch (more...)

[edit] vacation

Much bigger than that one in Ohio.

In vacation, the 40th Strong Bad Email, BrothaCheese suggests to Strong Bad that he should go on a vacation. Strong Bad agrees, so he sticks a "DORKS!" sticky note to the Tandy 400 and leaves. Throughout the next couple of weeks, he sends postcards from several vacation spots: The Great Mound; Pantsburg; That Clock; Two Cars, Tennessee; and Historic Over There, and gives commentary about his experiences at those spots. He returns from his vacation in the following email, in which he also throws out the Tandy and replaces it with the Compy 386. Due to being released in multiple parts, it became the longest email, and it remained so until the release of the hundredth email special flashback nearly one-and-a-half years later. watch (more...)

[edit] Visor Robot

"Senor Cardgage Mort-gage helped consolidate my whole life into this tiny box."

The Visor Robot is a futuristic robot that was invented by Strong Bad while making up stories at the Homestarloween Party. In Strong Sad's version of the story, the robot had a human brain which belonged to an old man who was the father of The Sad Kids. Inside the robot's head there is a red light bulb that makes the visor light up when talking. His voice in Everybody to the Limit comes from Macintosh's Zarvox, while his voice in Senor Mortgage is derived from Microsoft Sam. In his testimonial, he claims that the mortgage company helped consolidate his "whole life into this tiny box". He has been known to shoot lasers out of his visor with a loud "VOIP". (more...)

[edit] website

"You can make a webpage of your cat."

In website, the 51st Strong Bad Email, James asks Strong Bad for ideas for his own website. Strong Bad starts off by showing a Powered by The Cheat-style Flash intro, then shows several animated GIFs. He then states that the webpage could be about your cat or about The Cheat, and that by tomorrow, you could be big in Pakistan, "or at least with some guy named Stan". Strong Bad's website can be accessed once this e-mail is over, and it contains the Flash intro, the GIFs, and the photo of The Cheat. The photo of the cat, however, reappears in the much later e-mail hygiene, due to Mabel, the cat in the photo (and also being Matt Chapman's cat), having died by then. watch (more...)

[edit] weird dream

"How's it going, Texas?"

In weird dream, the 34th Strong Bad Email, Strong Bad needs to use The Cheat's Tangerine Dreams to check his e-mail due to the explosion of the Tandy 400 in the previous e-mail. After trying to use the keyboard to open his e-mail client, The Cheat opens it up with the mouse. The e-mail, from Marie, asks Strong Bad what was the weirdest dream he ever had. He explains that after having 13 pudding pops to eat the day before, the dream he proceeded to have consisted of the United States wearing underwear, a picture of which he opens up. An Easter egg consists of several individual U.S. states wearing underwear. watch (more...)

[edit] Wormdingler

Coach Z's beloved dragon

Wormdingler is the name of Coach Z's dragon. First drawn in the Strong Bad Email dragon, Strong Bad criticized its lack of consummate V's. The dragon made its second appearance in Trogday 08, where Coach Z was celebrating its "birthday" and declaring it his bride, telling it that it does not need consummate V's. This was also the first time that Wormdingler's name was mentioned. A creature similar to Wormdingler is seen on Lil' Strong Bad's shirt in imaginary. As Coach Z refers to Wormdingler as his bride, he apparently believes it to be female. (more...)

[edit] your friends

"Just givin' the fans what they want!"

In your friends, the 46th Strong Bad Email, Andrew tells Strong Bad that he "LIKE[S] IT MOST WHEN [HE] HARMS [HIS] FRIENDS". Strong Bad then proceeds to do acts of violence on the other main characters. However, Strong Bad has missed someone: The Poopsmith. However, he explains that because the Poopsmith shovels whatsit for a living, "his tolerance for pain's gotta be through the roof." Factoring in Easter eggs, this is also the shortest e-mail of the Compy 386 era, at 1:11, which is ironic given all the activity that occurs within. The raw Flash file has a slightly different name than most other Strong Bad Emails; it is "sbemail46x.swf" instead of "sbemail46.swf" (there is a "sbemail46.swf", but it is a glitched-up version). This is also the first email in which both the King of Town and the Poopsmith appear, though the former does not speak and the latter is only an indirect appearance and in an Easter egg (coincidentally, both of these other firsts are also in the same email). watch (more...)

[edit] boring (really)

"That's just a little less than two fifty!"

In boring (really), the 131st Strong Bad Email, Callie asks Strong Bad if it ever gets boring in Free Country, USA. In response, he talks and moves slowly, as does Bubs, who is counting the bricks on the concession stand. After talking with Bubs, Strong Bad goes to The Stick, where Homestar Runner is also in on the act; he has difficulty closing his eyes (a reference to his eyes' blinking animation). Bubs then comes in; before the three of them can continue with their slow act, they are interrupted by Strong Sad, who has become hyperactive. Back at the Lappy 486, Strong Bad then names all the three-letter words he can think of; after "job", he is interrupted by Coach Z, who, because of his accent, insists that it is a four-letter word. An Easter egg reveals that The King of Town had thrown a party with Pom Pom, The Poopsmith, Homsar, and two of Pom Pom's girls. watch (more...)

[edit] modeling

"I'll pencil you in."

In modeling, the 132nd Strong Bad Email, Meghan asks Strong Bad if he has ever considered modeling. In response, he buys some clothes from Styles Upon Styles, karate chops The King of Town, and has Pom Pom take numerous photos of him at a makeshift modeling studio while he strikes several poses, holds several items, and wears several articles of clothing. Strong Bad then types about several magazines in which his photos could appear, while those magazines appear on-screen. Strong Sad then comes in, and tells Strong Bad about how he did indeed make it into a magazine - his head has appeared on the front cover of "Husky Headed Boys Back 2 School Catalog". Homestar Runner then explains that he appeared on the front cover of "Stupid Coincidence Magazine". This email was the inspiration for the Snap Shak from Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People; also, the theme song of SBCG4AP, Please Stop Trying to Handle My Style, is based on this e-mail's intro. watch (more...)

[edit] record book

Biggest Waste of Dump

In record book, the 134th Strong Bad Email, Nathan asks Strong Bad if he has ever been in the record book. He then shows an old record book that shows that Coach Z went without showering for 65 days, 3 hours, and 42 minutes, and that Strong Bad himself has the record for the dirtiest diaper; embarrassed, he "accidentally" spills breakfast all over that record. Strong Bad then decides to make his own record book, entitled "Count Longardeaux's Book of Party Tricks, Redneck Jokes, and Worldly Records". First, he asks Strong Sad how much he weighs, but his brother instead shows him that he has transcribed Paradise Lost onto a grain of basmati rice in four languages. Strong Bad then "awards" Strong Sad the record of "Biggest Waste of Dump". Strong Bad then asks The King of Town to show his eating ability; the King swallows a large pile of salt, and suffers heart attacks. The King ends up with the award of "Least Healthiest Man". While Homestar Runner tells bad jokes from atop a soapbox, Strong Bad asks Coach Z for a record; instead, Coach Z sticks nine pieces of chewing gum to his face, hops on one foot, and sings an "I'm Just Me" song (which Homsar also sings). Strong Bad then explains that Strong Mad holds the record for the most pieces of macaroni nailed to a paper tube, Marzipan (who is unavailable for a photo) holds the record for the pole vault, Bubs holds the record for the cutest couple (which consists of just himself), and Strong Bad himself didn't make it into the book at all. Just then, The Cheat appears and presumably tells Strong Bad that he has the most rectangular mouth; in response, he says the "o" sound in "Bull Honkey" for 13.4 seconds, awarding him with the record for saying a word for the longest. watch (more...)


"And if that doesn't work, bring out your cute baby brother or holy-crap-adorable pet."

In, the 135th Strong Bad Email, Lorenzo and Fillbert ask Strong Bad for advice on attracting ladies. Strong Bad then explains that he addressed this issue five or six years ago in the first e-mail he ever checked. The Cheat then starts a Laserdisc with footage from that e-mail. The footage is done in the style of Marshmallow's Last Stand, the first-ever full-length Homestar Runner toon, and has Strong Bad and Homestar Runner speak with the voices they had at the time. Strong Bad checks his e-mail on the Tandy 400 in the wrestling arena from Marshmallow's Last Stand. The e-mail, from Fabrosi, asks the same question that Lorenzo and Fillbert do in the present. Strong Bad then states that to attract ladies, you must take off your shirt, snad your nipples, wear tight pants, and douse yourself in Mongolian aftershave lotion, but by accident, he douses himself in gasoline. He then tries to attract Marzipan, who Homestar has already attracted, but fails because of the gasoline. Strong Bad then beats up Homestar with wrestling moves as another step in attracting ladies; as the next step, he brings out Strong Sad (who falls into a trap door) and The Cheat, who has "holy-crap-adorable" eyes. Strong Bad chastises The Cheat for giving him gasoline instead of lotion, then kicks him out of the arena. As a last resort, Strong Bad then employs a candlelit dinner with caviar burritos and the finest cigars; after lighting a cigar, it explodes because of the gasoline, causing Strong Bad's head to crack. Back in the present, Strong Bad has fallen asleep from watching the footage. watch (more...)

[edit] geddup noise

"Geddup, geddup, geddup!"

In geddup noise, the 136th Strong Bad Email, Marc Baroni asks Strong Bad about what happened to the get up noise. Strong Bad then corrects Marc, stating that it is actually called "the Geddup Noise". After getting off and on his stool several times, producing the Geddup Noise, Strong Bad states that that is in fact not the real Geddup Noise, but its cousin, "Chairscoot". Strong Bad states that sometime around kids' book, the Geddup Noise became big overseas; it even became a fad in Free Country, USA. Coach Z tried to imitate the Geddup Noise, to the annoyance of Bubs; the Geddup Noise was used as a sound on Strong Sad's favourite radio station; and the Geddup Noise was even a contestant on The Show, but lost; however, it was given a board game version of The Show. The Cheat even created an indie-tronic remix of the Geddup Noise, which he would play at Club Technochocolate. The Geddup Noise even had some parodies, such as The King of Town's "Standing Up Noise" and Strong Bad's "Git Outcha Seat Sound", the latter of which was criticised by Strong Mad's sockpuppet The Teach. Strong Bad then states that the Geddup Noise now lives in the Coches Mountains, but still appears for celebrity endorsements such as one for Hamburger Shampoo. Homestar Runner then tries to get "Chairscoot"'s autograph. Also, nearly five years after the release of this e-mail, The Brothers Chaps publically released some drafts that show that it was originally going to be about kitchen appliances. watch (more...)

[edit] bedtime story


In bedtime story, the 137th Strong Bad Email, Justin Wagley tells Strong Bad that he is having trouble sleeping and asks him to tell him a bedtime story. Strong Bad then states that he is in fact The Cheat's babysitter; The Cheat has recently been having problems sleeping due to watching a "shock-you-mentary" about gingivitis. Strong Bad states that the first step in getting The Cheat to sleep is by giving him a sponge known as "The Denzel". Strong Bad then makes The Cheat some "Suudsu", which is a drink made from skim milk mixed with gummi bears. Strong Bad then goes to The King of Town's grill, where The Cheat sleeps, and tells him a bedtime story: "The Cheat's Adventures in Moses Maloneland", which is done in Powered by The Cheat style and, as the name implies, has The Cheat go on adventures with Moses Malone, then play video games after their adventures. Strong Bad and Strong Mad then sing a "lullaby", which consists of Strong Bad yelling and Strong Mad revving a chainsaw. As a last resort, the brothers then throw two or three roach foggers into the grill; if The Cheat survives, as he always does, he gives his masters some Suudsu. watch (more...)

[edit] E-mail Birds

"Okay, let's see if we can't kill a few email birds here with one big email-bird-killing stone.

E-mail Birds is a Strong Bad Email, found only on the first disc of the strongbad_email.exe DVDs. Strong Bad checks three e-mails on the Tandy 400: one from Bettina which asks him to make a joke, to which he responds by asking Bettina to make a sentence because of the lack of punctuation; one from Jeffrey which insults Homestar Runner, to which Strong Bad agrees while making fun of Jeffrey's word structure; and a poorly-written one from Naomi, who claims to be a horse woman who can beat Strong Bad up, to which Strong Bad responds by saying he'll feed her poisoned oats. Strong Bad then plays an interactive fiction game called Text Quest, but goes nowhere because the game questions him when he says to get a dagger. It is worth noting that all three of the e-mails were originally going to be part of a project called Wireless Bizness. (more...)

[edit] Videro Games

"You gonna eat that last congraturation?"

Videro Games is a Strong Bad Email, found only on the first disc of the strongbad_email.exe DVDs. Wilbur asks Strong Bad (who is using the Compy 386) about the effects of video games on children, and asks if they a harmful to the development of the brain. Strong Bad states that video games teach people words such as "strafe", "toggle", and "melee", and that the instruction booklets usually have poor English, therefore "helping" people find the complete sentence. Strong Bad also mentions that sometimes after beating an end boss, the player is rewarded with nothing more than a "CONGRATURATION", and states that the other congraturations may have been eaten by the developers, who he imagines as people with The Cheat bodies; one of them is named Wilbur after the sender of the e-mail. (more...)

[edit] Family Resemblence

"Man, that's a good-looking family right there."

Family Resemblence is a Strong Bad Email, found only on the fourth disc of the strongbad_email.exe DVDs. Jaro asks Strong Bad (who is using the Compy 386) what Pom Pom's family looks like. Strong Bad believes that Pom Pom's family resembles him as much as Strong Bad's family resembles his, and then imagines what they look like. Pom Pom would have a brother called Stom Stom, who has a bulldog's head, a horse's leg for a body and leg, and boxing gloves for hands. A sister would be called Stella Do, who has for a head a pair of headphones with a floating face inside, and Pom Pom's parents would be a filing cabinet. Pom Pom's family would appear on the box of a board game called "Jurvy-Skat", and Strong Bad would hang out with them from time to time. Despite Strong Bad's statement, Pom Pom's real parents are really Poms, having previously appeared in a photo in the old toon Pom Pom, Too; in fact, Strong Bad himself wrote them a letter in the email pom pom. (more...)

[edit] Fish Eye Lens

"Things are about to get...bulbous.
Fish Eye Lens is a Powered by The Cheat rap video with Strong Bad and Coach Z. This was the first toon in over half a year and the first non-holiday toon since videography, just two days shy of five years apart. The toon starts with Strong Bad asleep on the couch when Coach Z comes to tell him that the "pyorple need [his] help" because "it's been too long since they had a #1 jam". Strong Bad reluctantly agrees and starts rapping about a fisheye lens. This was the first Powered by The Cheat toon since Crystal Fortress, and the fisheye effect is similar to the one in Rap Song. The toon was referenced in I Killed Pom Pom when the "waughmp waughmp" sound from the song is heard, with the eponymous visual effect.


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